I saw pictures from a Carol Blackburn demo given at the San Diego guild’s 2005 Sandy Camp and I couldn’t figure out how this technique was being accomplished.

(To see the demo pix, go to the Sandy Camp pictures and scroll down to her demo.)

Carol’s secret is backfilling. She cuts into raw clay with cutters or blades, bakes and then backfills into the baked clay. Or she makes impressions in the raw clay, bakes and backfills. It’s a simple technique that Carol has taken to a whole new level.

A British guild member, Carol first arrived at Sandy Camp in 2004 when she couldn’t return her airline tickets purchased for the canceled national show that year. She’s been coming back ever since. Carol makes great tassels as well…but that’s for another day.

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  • reply Hermine ,

    is there a reason sometimes i cannot see the links on your site?
    backfilling interested me and I seem to be unable to connect.
    Thank you!

    • reply Natalia García de Leániz ,

      I love Carol’s tassels! I have one of them and never stop looking at it. She makes such a nice backfilling!

      • reply Jana Roberts Benzon ,

        I was fortunate enough to be at Sandy Camp when Carol demonstrated her technique. She does an amazing job with her backfill technique….her pieces (and tassles) are simply gorgeous. And, to top it all of, she is an exceptionally nice person!

        • reply fran williams ,

          is there a demo on backfilling? I want to make polka dots. Thanks.

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