Alev Gözonar is a polymer clay artist from Istanbul, Turkey. While the site’s a little wonky to wander around in and the language left me clueless, it’s a terrific presentation and a nice look at the surprisingly modern polymer clay art sensibilities of another culture. Simple canes and clay work are displayed in an artful and unusual way. If you click on her press section, you’ll see great magazine clippings of her work.

Thanks for Judy Dunn for forwarding this along.

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  • reply Melanie West ,

    Alev’s work is wondeful! I expecially like the way she uses her canes… delightfully refreshing. The way she incorporated translucent and mica shift techniques is inspiring!

    Thanks for passing her site on to us!

    • reply Susan Lomuto Rose ,

      Make sure you go to her ‘press’ page – there are several magazine articles that include even better pictures of her work. Hot stuff! Spectacular, artful presentation.

      • reply Jenny Tabrum ,

        At the bottom of the intro page is a very small arrow that leads to an english translation. she comes from a background in textile design … I love the pieces in the browns and greens – very organic – like the floor of a forest.
        Very nice recommendation!

        • reply Debbie ,

          Intriguing. Certainly off the beaten path for use of polymer clay. Very refreshing! Love the color choices.

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