Organization is sometimes a thing of beauty in itself and I just had to share these pictures of Karen Scudder’s canes neatly resting in their boxes for safekeeping. I’ll snap some pix of her finished work as the week progresses.

Karen’s colors are as crisp and clean as her canes. Lovely stuff. (You can google a few references to Karen to see her work but she doesn’t have her own site.)

Speaking of colors, Lindly Haunani said I could share her newest iteration of color studies from her classes.

Hot out of the oven. Aren’t these pins yummy?

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  • reply claygeek ,

    my, what a pleasure for eyes… *blink2*

    thx for sharing

    • reply jana roberts benzon ,

      Those pins of Lindly’s are fantastic….as ‘claygeek’ said, a pleasure for the eyes. The colors are scrumptious….Lindly definitely has a way with them..

      • reply Trina Williams ,

        I love Karen’s work! I have the pleasure of owning one of her kid face pins from way back when. We had an NPCG board meeting in San Diego. Dotty was prez and we were getting ready to plan the Evolution conference (which, unfortunately never did Evolve).
        Lindly’s work is as innovative as ever. I still use her MG recipe from B&B.

        • reply Lisa Clarke ,

          • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

            Oh gorgeous! Yummies for the eyes! And more organized than my best ever moment. And the linear precision of those squares and perfect corners are amazing.

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