Washington, the heart of “Clay Nation”

Maggie Maggio has renewed her blogging vows and started the year with a post on “white” which includes a terrific link to Minnesota architect/designer Martha McQuade’s Uniform Studio and her polymer clay experiments (here’s her Flickr link). You may want to savor that site this weekend.

The simple, minimalist designs feel so right. And speaking of simple designs, please revisit the work of Washington’s Ellen George. I have a completely visceral response to her work.

“Baby Doll” is a series of hand-formed polymer clay objects that look slightly naughty, almost edible…like lost belly buttons.

There’s a good article in the Portland Tribune about George, Maggio, Dittmar, Toops and other Washington artists who are part of the “Clay Nation.” Think of yourself as a citizen of that nation.

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  • reply Libby Mills ,

    Wow! That wall piece “Landscape” by Ellen George is fantastic!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Slightly naughty, almost edible, like lost belly buttons?!?!

      Seriously, Cynthia, this is a gold mine of inspiration! It should last me the weekend quite nicely. Many thanks!!

      • reply Amy Crawley ,

        Ok, I admit that the “lost belly buttons” reminded me of tiny buttocks on first glance. Cute, curious, and stunningly simple. As they say, “what will she think of next?”

        Thanks for the inspiration Cynthia.

        • reply jana roberts benzon ,

          The shadowed images in the photo of Lanscape 3 are so beautiful….

          love it..

          • reply George’s solo polymer exhibit at Polymer Clay Daily ,

            […] a post about an earlier exhibit. I love the vibrancy and size of this new […]

            • reply Tory Hughes ,

              What a wonderful fresh approach to the possibilities of polymer. Developing our art is about paring away the layers of other opinions until we are working from our creative core. These seem to come from that core – what is most important to me? what is the most powerful and pure form of what compels me about this? Great objects and questions for the beginning of the day. Thanks, Cynthia.

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