Leslie Blackford and Ira Glass – Keep making art

I’m allowing myself an existential moment. And Leslie Blackford’s polymer clay figure says it all (the mask flips up to reveal a much less benign character).

I’m doing a little self-talk about how to be a studio artist. Who knew the prospect would panic me? Here’s a great little video piece by Ira Glass. It’s not my usual Friday fare but this is special.

I love the idea of closing the gap between your good taste and the quality of the work you produce. Have a special weekend.


Balombini’s inspirations

Laura Balombini’s sculptures mix melancholy expressions with color and pattern that sizzles. You’ll have to see the larger images to appreciate the vibrancy of her work.

Laura is often imitated so I gravitated to her work as I listened to Seth Savarick’s first virtual master class (From Imitation to Inspiration) on Alison Lee’s site. Even though we bumped up against the technology a time or two, the online class was fun and an overall success.

I download Craftcast interviews to my ipod for listening during a haircut or an oil change. It’s like carrying crayons to keep the kids busy.


Haunani’s polymer clay leis

Lindly Haunani never strays far from her Hawaiian roots. The picture above (which she used for her updated blog header) actually captures three of her latest polymer clay lei necklaces laid next to each other.

Slices of skillfully graduated colors are pinched into petal shapes and strung into sumptuous necklaces. An expert at mimicking nature’s colors and shapes, Lindly produces pieces that transport the wearers to the tropics.

She stacks smaller pinched circles onto headpins to produce another blossom effect. Feel the Hawaiian breezes.


New adventure

Turned in my retirement papers today! Only two weeks until I begin my new adventure as a studio artist and your cyber hostess.

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