Birds drawn to polymer clay flowers

A realistic polymer clay Four O’clock flower stopper on a mini liquor bottle makes a feeder that hummingbirds can’t resist.

Etsy’s “BirdArtist” has been a zoo keeper, a birder and an illustrator in Pennsylvania and has developed her feeders to be safe, practical and attractive to birds. The entire length of the feeder is only 6″.

It’s exciting to run into such novel, practical and effective use of polymer clay. Thanks to Julie Trulson for sending the link along.

Roses cross pollinate polymer clay

California metalsmith Corliss Rose and lapidary John Lemieux Rose (2Roses Studio) like to cross pollinate their media and expand the limits of jewelry art through the combination of unorthodox materials and techniques.

Their polymer clay works, like these art bracelets, often express their more playful sculptural impulses. You’ll find everything from computers to coconuts in their voluminous selection of jewelry with a healthy dose of polymer clay sprinkled in.

NOTE: The number of polymer clay photos on the web has exploded and it’s challenging to keep up. I remain focused (most days) to bring you fresh and interesting polymer clay finds.

If you’ve got time to browse more or want to post your own work, be sure to also visit the Flickr photo group sites I’ve added in the left hand column. There’s a wonderful, thriving polymer clay world out there. Now back to the studio!

Whiteguppy’s money matters

Money on your mind? Julia (whiteguppy) from Spain made these clever and cute polymer clay money beads that deal with financial matters in an artistic way. Her tutorial suggests running tissue paper or plain napkins through your inkjet printer or using the images from printed napkins.

She modifies and adapts finishes and tools to refine her process. Here’s the tutorial in English. And here’s her Flickr page with a large selection of the patterns she’s used.

NOTE: Having trouble downloading the tutorial? Try this link.

Tuesday’s mix and match polymer clay

Yesterday’s musings kicked up some dust! Judy Belcher pondered the theme for the next Synergy conference (and she added a great new photo of her work). Judy Dunn explained how creating polymer clay cranes nourishes her and her audience.

Thanks for participating in the discussion.

For a little mix and match, here’s a polymer clay shield shape that Lauren Cole Abrams (LaBeana) grew into something much more interesting. Experimenting with Donna Kato’s crushed ikat technique, Lauren then added her own signature style.

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