Treasurefield’s fee fi faux

This sunny Rosa Amarilla polymer clay necklace and enamel-look swallow pin from Alisa Treasurefield look sunny and just right for the first post of the week.

Alisa specializes in unusual faux effects – wood, enamel, bakelite, ceramic, metal and more – in the items in her Etsy shop.

It takes a keen eye and a deft hand to use the clay so convincingly. In an earlier post we looked at her faux faceted wood gems and now there’s much more to look at.


Here are two tutorials I found this weekend as I tried to distract myself from other chores that were calling me. Both the faux agate cane and the twisted wire/polymer ring look interesting and need little translation. If you experiment with them, I can get back to work.

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  • reply jana ,

    Looking through Alisa’s flickr pages, you can see that she’s totally uninhibited when it comes to trying new and different things. I love that creative daring-do (or ‘derring-do’ for sticklers 🙂 which shows a broad ranging talent…and, her results are wonderful! Thanks, Cynthia…and congrats, Alisa, on being featured..

    • reply Alisa R. ,

      Thank you so much, Cynthia, for the feature and compliments!!

      I’ve always felt the most amazing aspect of polymer clay is its chameleon-like quality (as described by Victoria Hughes) to mimic almost anything.

      Jana, thanks for your kind comment, too! I don’t know if that would be “uninhibited/daring” or “reckless”. LOL!
      Maybe someday I’ll gain the patience to try those complicated Arabesques you do!

      Happy claying, all!

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