This Meat-Lace from OnchMovement is billed as 100% animal friendly! Polymer has been called many things, but humane is a first. Lady Gaga and her famous meat dress served as direct inspiration for this creation by LA’s Onch who specializes in kitschy, outrageous polymer accessories including a pretzel rosary.

Guaranteed never to spoil, adds flavor to your wardrobe. What more could you ask for?

While I’m not 100% sure what the necklace is made of, the site specializes in polymer jewelry and a closeup reveals what looks like pretty great use of translucent. I’m trying to keep you up to date…that’s all I’m sayin’. What do you think?

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  • reply Sandra ,

    Wow! It sure look real, but I’m not sure I’m at Lady Gaga’s level of fashion whimsy and wearing the extraordianry.

    • reply Cody Goodin ,

      I am truly amazed at the level of creativity and reality that polymer artists achieve when creating look a likes. Simply amazing to me.

      • reply Kelly @ Wave of Life Surf Studio ,

        I can’t believe how realistic this is- amazing! Am so excited to find this website!

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          All can say is simply amazing to me, too! Now THAT would make a statement….though I’m not totally sure what kind. The craftsmanship is impeccable.

          • reply Janie ,

            That looks incredibly real. Just goes to show that you never know what will be fashionable!

            • reply Sherry Bailey ,

              Amazing and kind of disgusting all at once! They certainly have the “look” mastered, but it’s definitely not a look I’d wear! (I wonder if they make fake food for those Asian style “sample plates” for restaurants — if not, they certainly could!)

              • reply Karly West ,

                Awesome work!!! I’d be afraid to wear that around my dogs, though! 😉

                • reply Becky Acosta ,

                  Wow, that looks so real! I wouldn’t want to wear it (it kinda grosses me out), but I can see fans of Mark Ryden wearing it.

                  • reply Linda Brunson ,

                    If it’s not real, just what is it and how was it made?!? Made me hungry. What about a grilled steak instead of a raw one? Interesting that it is shown worn by a male.

                    • reply Peg Harper ,


                      • reply Leslie Sirag ,

                        I’m wondering whether wearing this would suggest to people that you’re a vegetarian or a meat-eater?

                        • reply cristalline / sophie ,

                          Seeing this necklace, I immediately think to jana Sterbak and her dress in raw meat at an exhibition in southern France, Nimes. Here we can see the process: Some years before the dress of Lady gaga but also shifted ;-).

                          • reply cristalline / sophie ,

                            Seeing this necklace, I immediately think to jana sterback and her dress with raw meat at an exhibition in southern France, Nimes. Here we can see the process of the work: Some years before the dress of Lady gaga but also shifted 😉

                            • reply Anne Tocknell ,

                              Absolutely Vile! As a vegetarian I find it barbaric. What about doing shrunken heads! Or Spleens !! What a waste of talent.

                              • reply LaJulieChose ,

                                Just amazing and so real….I’m not sure to wear it one time but…good job!

                                • reply laurie prophater ,

                                  YUMMY!!! Bring out the barbie!!!

                                  • reply conlmack ,

                                    I agree with Peg and Anne…bleh, what a waste (but I admire the talent).

                                    • reply Shey ,

                                      Its very realistic looking ….maybe you could use it for props in movies etc….but i think its very very offensive……………

                                      • reply Cathy ,

                                        The “meat dress” is a health hazard to her and the audience, close to her. Anyone who has a suppressed immune system, because of AIDS, chemo, or a number of disease would be at risk for serious infections, or death. I like her, but this was not considerate of her fans. As she moves, there is a “spray” of juices from the raw meat. Lady Gaga, this was not adequately researched. I was a lab technician who worked in Bacteriology, so I know what can be found in raw meat!

                                        • reply Judy ,

                                          I am constantly in awe at what artists can see in a block of clay. This isn’t my particular cup of tea but I think my little poodle would just love it. LOL

                                          • reply Barbara ,

                                            The ability and attention to detail is admirable but I cannot help regretting what polymer clay artists are reproducing to present as jewelry. Sorry.

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