Summer polymer recipe

Kathrin Neumaier divulges that her new watery-looking neckpiece, Seetang, is created from liquid Fimo colored with Pinata inks. She’s experimented with a range of colors.

This cool piece comes along just in time for summer’s heat. Has Kathrin’s concept started your wheels turning?

In the right column, watch a lovely video from Minnesota’s Prairie Public Broadcasting about Jennifer Patterson and her polymer quilt jewelry. Nicely done! Thanks to Lindly Haunani for the link.

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  • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

    Wow. This one caused a sharp intake of breath! Do you suppose the piece is flexible?

    • reply Eva ,

      Yes it is flexible, rather solid but cannot be put in the oven several times when you gave it a shape, or you need something to save it in place when it becomes warmer. I used this technique on my necklace “Eau Dynamique”.
      Kathrin made a great work with this.

      • reply Anita Brandon ,

        Seetang Spectacular! Innovative and cutting edge beauty. The technique could have so many applications.

        Jenny Pat is as articulate as she is creative and talented.

        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

          Cool! I wouldn’t have guessed that’s polymer clay, which is one of the great things ABOUT polymer clay!!! I love the way people still find new things to do! And this is lovely!

          • reply Sera ,

            I would never ever ever have pegged this as polymer! I would have said resin, totally. What a clever clogs! I love it!

            • reply Els van Haasen ,

              Beautifully done Kathrin!
              I am wondering how you realized this glass look!

              • reply JeannieK ,

                This is off the charts. I just want to touch it.

                • reply averilpam ,

                  It’s lovely. Her other work is just amazing – I love her subtle colour effects.

                  • reply Alex Mitchell ,

                    I’m so excited to see this! I’ve been experimenting with liquid polymer clay myself lately and loving it.

                    • reply suzanne ,

                      this is wonderful! i would not have known what it is made of, but i would
                      never have guessed it to be polymer clay! Kathrin’s art is just breath taking!!

                      • reply Deborah Goodrow ,

                        As other’s have said, would not have thought this polymer clay. Intriguing! And lovely.

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