Layered-look quilt

This Mini Clay Quilt class with Laurie Mika already happened during the April Artfest. Even so, it’s inspiring and worth a Monday look.

Seems Laurie has taken her remarkable array of surface techniques and added a new emphasis on layering. You’ll remember Laurie’s earlier mosaics and her collaborative quilt entry in last year’s Synergy II Exhibit. Her polymer mosaic book is a “must have” and now there’s a Kindle edition.

Laurie’s off for the summer (in Egypt and Jordan) and will be gearing up for fall teaching in September.

I ran into the link on Julie Fei-Fan’s Pinterest board.

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  • reply Marian Hertzog ,

    Love her work! .. and the Pinterest board of Julie’s is awesome too!

    • reply Deanna ,


      • reply Ania Brandon ,

        Lovely in its creative and rich intricacies. A big fan. Her work always seems to remind me of medieval castles and monks.

        • reply Dede Leupold ,

          Oh..the textures…the colors! beautiful and intriguing. And one of the best web sites I’ve seen.

          • reply Margit Böhmer ,

            Laurie’s work is wonderful, I am fascinated by regarding her mosaics/mosaicons… to find all the well placed details. I had the chance to meet Laurie in personal and found out that she is a wonderful woman, warmhearted and always laughing, also an excellent teacher, hope I’ll have the chance to meet her again

            • reply Paula Gilbert ,

              Always an adventure to explore Lauries art. Each square has a story and is so beautiful as a whole. Thank you for sharing.

              • reply cindy ,

                WoW – simply beautiful!

                • reply Laurie Mika ,

                  Thanks Cynthia for the nice little blurb….and thanks to everyone for the kind comments! Also that was crazy to find out that my book is on Kindle! What an amazing world!

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