Faster, higher, stronger polymer


Someone had to polymerize the Olympics, right? The gold medal goes to Croatia’s Nikolina Otrzan and her Citius, Altius, Fortius necklace. That’s the Olympic motto – Faster, Higher, Stronger.

Nikolina’s polymer rings are colored with chalks, sealed with a glossy coating, and joined with large jump rings.

She’s also been perfecting her writing on polymer, hiding messages in her graphic designs for pendants. Browse around her Flickr and her Etsy sites and enjoy an Olympic weekend.

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  • reply Isabel ,

    lovely, however, if you’ve been listening to the news lately, it won’t be long before the olympic ‘branders’ will be after her for violating their copyright! sad….

    • reply polymeramoi ,

      quelle idée géniale!!!!. J’adore

      • reply Carol Blackburn ,

        Nikolina has hit the spot with her Olympic theme. I’m no athlete but it’s an exciting time to be in London. My favourite Olympic sport is synchronized swimming, it’s brilliant. Also the gymnastics.
        This Sunday is our London clay day and our theme is the Olympic rings.
        Good luck to all the athletes who have trained so hard, you all deserve to win.
        Hip, hip, hooray for the London Olympics 2012.
        Carol xxx

        • reply Nikolina Otrzan ,

          Cynthia, thank you for posting it 🙂
          Isabel, there is absolutely no violation whatsoever. I did it for fun, just one piece, for myself. It’s not like i’m selling them 😉
          Carol, i hope you won’t mind having me at your meeting tomorrow 😀

          • reply Carol Blackburn ,

            Nikolina, we’d love to meet you. Hope you can make it, you’d be very welcome.
            Carol xxx

          • reply suzanne ,

            once again Nikolina has hit a mark! her work is awesome!!

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