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What are June brides choosing to top off their wedding cakes this year? There’s incredible variety! Like these polymer kissing fish from Indigotwin (Cortney Rector and Kirsten Arundt). The duo include birds, robots, whales, lobsters, apples and much more in their wedding toppers and favors.

For a more traditional approach, check out Spain’s Noemi Hurtado‘s Flickr page. She copies every ruffle and ringlet for her polymer toppers. Or try Dawn Stubitsch, or Elizabeth Bonura (she did a lifesized one), or Italy’s Mary Tempesta or Sophie Skein’s animals.

Polymer toppers have gotten so popular that you can launch yourself into a weekend’s worth of research by googling the term. I just wanted to put you in the mood for June!

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  • reply Marian Hertzog ,

    What a fun post! Thanks for all of the eye candy. I am always amazed at the diversity of creations from one medium. I love that life size wedding cake topper. Amazing!

    • reply Alison ,

      OMG! These are amazing! From super detailed to just so much fun!
      I had no idea that polymer clay toppers were so popular. I made one for a wedding that is this weekend and thought it was a rather unique idea on the bride’s part Ha ha! I guess I live under a rock!

      • reply Becky ,

        I love those! I have grandchildren who will be marrying in the next few years, and I’d be over the moon if they let me make cake toppers for them. Thanks for the idea!

        • reply Olga ,

          It is so sweet!!! I did not know that it is popular to make figurines for wedding cakes! Great idea, I think… Thank you!

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