Not black and white

Haon on PCDaily

This Nordic Knit polymer perfume case from Francoise Haon (Arliane) is black and white, of course.

What’s not clear is if the pattern is the result of mighty impressive canework or some other technique.

Patterns as precise as this make canemakers envious. Could she have extruded the tiny components? We’ll have to wait to see if Francoise gives us a clue. Take a look at the rest of Francoise’s Nordic line on her blog, her online shop and Facebook. What’s your guess?

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  • reply Corine ,

    Tiny cutters?

    • reply Joan Clipp ,

      Just, wow! Thanks for another wonderful post in a year of divine inspiration Cynthia!

      • reply Carrie Harvey ,

        Love this effect!
        l recently saw somewhere online where this effect was achieved by painting one of the colours….can l remember where? Annoyingly, no. It would need a steady hand!

        • reply jana r.b. ,

          I thought the same thing when I saw this yesterday, and settled on a cane…but, dang, if so, that’s mighty impressive! Well, it’s impressive no matter the technique. Glad to see it featured. Happy New Year, dear Cynthia ?

          • reply Madeline ,

            Perhaps she used a rubber stamp and the Sutton Slice technique. If you search “rubber stamp nordic knitting” there are very similar patterns.

            • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

              These are really unique…I think the technique is either Extruded or Transfer techniques…Love the perfume atomizer…

              • reply Francoise ,

                Hi Cynthia !
                The clue : it’s silkscreen ! from tonjia Lenderman
                Just too fun to do ..

                • reply Joan Clipp ,

                  Hear that sound? My brain just cracked! Thanks for the “clue” Francoise!

                • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

                  Why of course…that’s what I was thinking when I wrote Transfer…

                  • reply Tonja Lenderman ,

                    Yes, she used my silks screens available in my Etsy shop. Such a lovely use of them too 🙂

                    • reply Seth L Savarick ,

                      Clearly Screen Printed.

                      • reply Melody ,

                        Dang, that’s so cool. I love the nordic look.

                        • reply Sandra ,

                          Fine work and elegant.

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