Lehocky hearts 2017

It’s Valentine’s Day, pass it on! Ron Lehocky’s meter rolled over 37,000 polymer hearts at the first of 2017.

That’s $370,000 worth of polymer hearts that Ron has made and sold in the past 11 years. The money goes to the Louisville Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies where Ron is a pediatrician as well as an artist and fundraiser.

Watching Ron make hearts is like a restful meditation (you can see him in action here). If you ever doubt that you can accomplish something with this artform, read Ron’s stories on Facebook…and pass it on.

Erick Oh animated heart .gif
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  • reply Melanie J. Pierce ,

    Ron truly is “The King of Hearts!” He is a humanitarian extraordinaire…….

    • reply Kristie Foss ,

      Hi, Ron!
      I didn’t even have to read the write-up. I knew the minute I saw the hearts that they had to be your creations. I love that your polymer hearts come from your heart and touch the lives of so many in so many ways. Congratulations on that new total! You are amazing!

      • reply Laurie Mika ,

        Thanks for the great Valentine’s Day post by highlighting Ron and his hearts that have touched the hearts and lives of so many……spread the love!

        • reply Ron Lehocky ,

          Thanks Cynthia. Wonderful Valentine’s Day present. And thanks to all your readers and the polymer community for their support and encouragement. My new goal: 50,000 by 2020. (All I have to do is make 10 a day and hope people keep wanting them). I love this journey.

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