Kottelat earrings on PolymerClayDaily.com

These fabric-like earrings were assembled by France’s Maryvonne Kottelat.

The patterns were leftovers from a class taught by Hélène Jeanclaude and sponsored by Cernit. Here are Maryvonne’s blog, and Facebook,

Kottelat earrings on PolymerClayDaily.com

Be warned that following the links will send you down a rabbit hole into a world of glowing translucent patterns (Cernit’s specialty) tucked among surfaces screened, painted and punched with French flair.

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  • reply Sonya ,

    Félicitations, Maryvonne! C’est une belle surprise de voir tes magnifiques créations sur PCD ce matin! Bien mérité!! Bisou.

    • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

      OMG…The masterpieces of work by theses two ladies is jaw dropping…Design/technique/ creativity/colors and workmanship is mind blowing…I’m such a fan…someone should try to get some of their work included in the Collection at the Racine Museum…

      • reply Marykot ,

        Thank you very much Cynthia, je suis fière d’être mise à l’honneur, mais c’est à Hélène JeanClaude que je dois tout le mérite…. c’est elle qui m’a enseigné ces magnifiques techniques

        • reply josie ,

          Wahou !!!! C’est la grande classe soeurette. Faut reconnaître que ton travail est superbe. Hélène est une instigatrice d’artistes ? que tu étais déjà depuis bien longtemps.

          • reply Sue Rostron ,

            Hi ,

            thanks for introducing me to such a wonderful artist.

            • reply Suany ,

              So cool! Meanwhile my leftover clay usually turns into scrap beads that I sell at craft fairs.

              • reply Nat ,

                Bravo Maryvonne, hommage bien mérité ! Bisous

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