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Can’t mute Meisha

Meisha Barbee takes her bright colors down a notch for this recent series. She admits that she’s found a new love in Premo Gray Granite with its speckles buried in a rich translucent polymer. She’s fond of thinning sheets of granite and overlaying them on other colors for depth. You’ll note resonances of Jana Roberts […] Read more

More Meisha

It’s rare that I have to jump up on my soapbox these days. But California’s Meisha Barbee still doesn’t have much of a web presence other than PCD! How can that be? (Sigh) She has a little spot on Facebook. She’s won a Niche award! She does a big wholesale business. Her refined, color-perfect work […] Read more

Barbee concentrates on composition

When I asked extruder extraordinaire Meisha Barbee what kind of extruder setup she had, she admitted that her equipment was nothing special. She works in small batches and spends more time selecting colors and building a pattern library of small canes than she spends in extruding. Meisha sent along a luscious sampling of her current […] Read more

Barbee shifts colors and studios

San Diego’s Meisha Barbee showed me her new polymer clay circle pendants in colors that are a bit brighter than her earlier palettes. She sent along these Serenity pendants as well. She’s tweaked the colors while continuing her distinctive combinations of extrusions, canes and textures. Meisha promised to rank “launch my website” high on her […] Read more

Barbee’s Wearable Works

By the end of last week, you could spot Meisha Barbee’s work on the neck of many Synergy shoppers. She combines simple canes and soothing colors in graphic ways with subtle textures woven in. The modern minimalist design continues through her findings. The harmony and detail in these pieces make them very pleasing to wear. […] Read more

Keep going

California’s Meisha Barbee began this brooch with a slice of stripes in her wonderful colors. I might have stopped there but she wanted to push on. She was fond of her silicone trivet with a bubble pattern (strange in-process shot) so she made a mold of it and used that mold to create a mokume gane […] Read more

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