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More Leslie found among the deviants

There’s more of Leslie Blackford’s work posted in a Deviant Art gallery. If her MoodyWoods web site leaves you hungering for more pictures of her work, including this March Hare necklace, you’ll want to visit her among the deviant artists. I’d never have found this stash. Thanks to Doreen for leading me there.

Jar art for your desk

Lisa Renner’s 10″ tall Jar Head makes a handy desk item that comes with its own feathered pen. Lisa sculpted this whimsical face over a glass jar and added details with inks and paints. The feather-topped pen becomes a stunning hairstyle and it’s not likely someone would abscond with that. The container could be used to hold paintbrushes or other […] Read more

Polymer hats

Pink polymer everywhere! Artists hopped on the craze for this symbol of women’s marches around the globe. These brooches were made by Leslie Blackford (Instagram), Melissa Terlizzi (Flickr), and Christi Friesen (Instagram). I can vouch for the vibe at the Washington, DC site which was very friendly and upbeat (more in StudioMojo which will come out Tuesday). Many polymer […] Read more

Give thanks for

Enjoy Leslie Blackford’s Thanksgiving dinner and your own feast if you’re celebrating in the US today. In many families, going around the dinner table with each person saying what they’re thankful for is part of the day’s traditions. I am very grateful to you for joining me to make the world brighter and more colorful. Thank […] Read more

Bobblehead bounty

It’s not often that inmates can send art home to their families. When Leslie Blackford offered to mail their sculptures to families, students in the Ohio prison classes put extra effort and humor into their Bobblehead creations. Leslie and Tammy Dye are two of their favorite visiting polymer artists. Just look at this prison cat named Fendor […] Read more

Gypsies, tramps and thieves

It’s rare that my husband suggests artworks so I paid attention when he said, “Have you seen Leslie’s new Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves on Facebook?” He has his own collection of manly polymer and Leslie’s pieces are his favorites. Kentucky’s Leslie Blackford feels a kinship with outcasts of all types and you need to look closely to […] Read more

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