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Blackburn on PCDaily

This is the night that Fimo50 participants pack their most distinctive pieces to wear at the symposium in Nuremberg. Could these crisp graphics belong to anyone but Carol Blackburn?

There’s no denying that we each have a style and we might just as well own it as Carol does with this new necklace. The controlled black and white stripes of varying widths, dots and chevrons radiate cheer and someone who’s ready to celebrate.

What piece of yours do you wear when you’re ready to have some fun? Should you make a new version that reflects the real you?

Here’s more from Carol on Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest.

Vacation pin ups

Cordillera on PCDaily

It’s the end of vacation season and if you’re looking for a way to hang onto those memories, take a hint from Puerto Rico’s Sylma Santos-Santori.

It’s not often that a super simple project strikes our fancy but these little polymer magnetic containers with spidery air plants look fashionable and celebratory.

Marble a ball of beach-colored clay, indent a space for a plant, cure in the oven and glue a magnet to the back. Instant scrapbook,

Quick, preserve a little bit of your summer. See what other designs Sylma has devised on Instagram and her site.

Beach creatures in polymer

Harris on PCDaily

Haven’t you been inspired by those big sculptural shells on the beach and wondered what they could illustrate?

Christine Harris says of her work, “Horseshoe crabs have copper based blue blood that is used by the medical industry for its antibacterial qualities and is still being studied. Basically they milk the blood from the horseshoe crab and try to release it but many of them do not survive.”

She usually does “lots of nerdy research”  on the creatures while she works and often explains their meaning on her blog when they’re finished. Be mesmerized by the work-in-progress shots from this Virginia art therapist and sculptor.

Next week’s posts may be sporadic as I celebrate FIMO50 in Germany. Cut the cake and sing with us virtually as we look at what it means to turn 50. 

Mixed media curls


Sweet gum tree pods litter the sidewalks at this time of year. Polymer illustrator Helena Bogosian found a creative use for her stash of dried seed pods. They make amazingly fetching curls and more.

Prowl through Helena’s Facebook and Instagram sites to see how she’s turned polymer and the bounty from her sweet gum tree into moody, haunting portraits.

Tumbling blocks of polymer


Three shades of each color make up this faux dimensional cuff from Petra Nemravova of the Czech Republic. Such happy colors! Petra shows her step-by-step color-mixing and assembly process free on her website.

Of course you’ll want to spend some time in her tutorials and tools departments! There are a couple tutorials in her Etsy shop too.

When ideas crystalize

Kilgast on PCDaily

Stephanie Kilgast didn’t intially reveal where she was headed with her collection of polymer crystals. She offered a great little YouTube video of how she made these other-worldly minerals. She usually creates incredibly realistic miniature foods. Crystals pointed to change.

Her clusters of cave growths reappeared mounted to a dimensional canvas trailing a blue wash of color. Stephanie explains her sculptural painting and talks about her burst of creativity on her site. She hints at more changes to come.

See what other big steps Stephanie is taking on Patreon and Instagram. They’re brave and inspirational steps!

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