Sitting Pretty polymer

Church on PCDaily

Canadian Kate Church refers to her work as sculptural puppetry combining the line and form of sculpture with the playful anima of puppetry. Here in the recent Sitting Pretty a dancer drapes herself on a sofa as she waits for her tutu.

Kate used to create figures for Cirque du Soleil which were sold around the world.

Church on PCDaily

Now she creates art and teaches polymer, cloth and wire sculptural workshops that are on the bucket lists of many polymer artists.

Kate’s freshened her website making it easier to access her rich and spritely archives.


Polymer mini-munchies

Kilgast on PCDaily

You can enjoy all six scoops of this pendant from France’s Stephanie Kilgast (PetitPlat). She makes mouthwatering miniatures in polymer.

Stephanie’s finely detailed work was featured on Ufunk this month. That post leads you on a miniature binge to earlier posts highlighting two other miniaturists, Shay Aaron and Fairchildart.

Their little feasts are so incredibly realistic that you may head out of the studio and into the fridge after viewing their mini-munchies.

Thanks to Mary Hargrave (Maryclaires) for sending the link to PCD and making my day easy.

Khaleesi stemware in polymer

Segal on PCDaily

Game of Thrones fan Marie Segal felt compelled to make an iconic goblet that reflects her favorite show’s sensibilities. She piles on the flourishes and adds vining leaves, fleur de lis, hearts and other insignia in polymer.

Washes of metallic and dark paint give the glass a heavy ancient air and make it fit for the Khaleesi. What a great gift for a special occasion!

Here’s the glass up close. You’ll find more Marie on Facebook, the Clay Factory, and Etsy.

Matchy Monday

Phamova on PCDaily

Perhaps we should call the first posts of the week Matchy Mondays because it’s on Monday that I’m most drawn to polymer works that coordinate with PCD’s colors.

Consider these beautifully graduated and sharply creased beads from the Czech Republic’s Dana Phamova. She plays with the light and shadow caused by the bent surfaces. Here’s another of her light/shadow experiments.

Her beautiful Skinner-blended colors are accented by a few judiciously placed light colored dots. A close look shows that the texture is created with hand-applied pin pricks. She shows a work-in-process shot here.

Phamova on PCDaily

Dana calls this series Dreaming Cucarachas. Cockroaches? That title breaks the zen mood, doesn’t it? You can catch the vibe again (lots of polymer scratching and distressing) on Facebook and Pinterest.

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