Batik revealed

Vogel on PCDaily

This new polymer batik tutorial from Lorraine Vogel (wiredorchid)  makes my mouth water and takes me back to Bali without the jet lag.

You may have guessed some of the tools she uses to achieve these very fluid and fiber-like effects. Now Lorraine has gathered her well-researched techniques into a stunning and comprehensive tutorial. (No surprise that she’s a professional graphic artist.)

Vogel on PCDaily

Lorraine responded to readers (PCD last featured her in June) with 15 pages of well written and beautifully photographed step-by-step examples.


When you’re tired of winter and the holiday frenzy, breathe in the tropics and summer with some imitative batik on polymer. There’s more on Facebook and Flickr.

Big and small designs

Bishoff on PCDaily

Maine’s Bonnie Bishoff prepares for show season with new jewelry designs including these openwork Wireline pendants. if you look at her Pinterest page you’ll see that the polymer tubing is wire-filled and catch a glimpse of her inspirations.

You’ll have to go to her Facebook page and website to see more.

Bishoff on PCdaily

Bonnie shifts her designs from jewelry to furniture to wall art (like Sprung below) with ease and expertise. What a feat to move from big to small and back again with confidence and success.

Dever moves mid-century

Dever on PCDaily

Jeff Dever revealed some of his newest works at the SOFA Chicago show in November. His style has taken recent turns too as he explores new ground.


Fascinated by modern art and mid-century modern design, Jeff created these pieces in response to that curiosity. He intends to continue evolving in this direction.

At the left is his nod to Matisse called Land and Sea, the Third Day.  The brooch at right leans more toward Alexander Calder and is called Alexander’s Orbit.

Dever on PCDaily

All of Dever’s series of brooches are meant to be arranged by the wearer. He calls them his “p’installations” and you can see them gracefully winding down lapels and peeking out of pockets.

See more of Jeff’s new designs on Facebook and his site. Be sure to read about his pieces that are currently on exhibit at the Beijing International Contemporary Metal & Jewelry Art Exhibit 2015.


Contained exhibit

Gourley on PCDaily

Canada’s Rachel Gourley designed these polymer Doodles to be seen in an outdoor landscape where they pose the question,
“Are they real or are they not”

Gourley on PCDaily

In her November-December exhibit sponsored by the Craft Council of BC, her creations have been brought in from the wild to be tamed and confined.

See both the wild and tamed versions of Rachel’s polymer vegetation on her website and read the Craft Council interview and exhibit information here.

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