Opera Vessel

I don't even know what an "Opera Vessel" is but I like it anyway. These fanciful creations are by Katerina Musetti of Pennsylvania. Katerina is a singer as well as a polymer artist and that influence comes through in her purses and vessels and necklaces, reflecting the art, music and literature of a bygone era. She was featured in the June 2005 issue of Belle Armoire.

I upgraded the PolymerClayDaily site software last night. If you see any gremlins floating about, let me know.

Another new artist

Rasa Lazauskaite Bead

This site is loaded with spring colors! We could all take a lesson from the way Rasa Lazauskaite has photographed her creations….close up, white background (my color of choice). Of course it helps that her polymer designs are well constructed and immaculately finished. 

Rasa's "About" page says that her country of origin is Lithuania.  She now lives in Illinois. Thanks to Mona Kissel for the tip! 

More Classes

There are a couple of wonderful class sites to look at today. Oh, just to sit here in chilly Ohio and imagine taking one of Gwen Gibson’s classes (or Dayle Doroshow’s or Dan Cormier’s) in sunny France. And look at the fabulous facility that Barbara McGuire has set up in Buford, Georgia.

If you’re looking for a shot of inspiration and some skill-building, there are plenty of sources out there.

Ravensdale Details

There’s a little more Ravensdale info at this link. And there are a few more pictures to tantalize you. I’ve compiled a bit of their registration and cost information into my own page because it’s still hard to find all the details on their site (you have to read through conversations on their forum) and you’ll probably want to start bankrolling for the event now.

The conference site is 18 miles outside of Seattle, WA. Registration will open April 30 with overseas registrations accepted beginning April 23. The folk beads at the left are by color diva and Ravensdale instructor Maggie Maggio.

What Time Is It?

Oh my goodness, it’s evening and I haven’t posted yet. I hate it when my day job gets in the way of other pleasures. I’ve been rushing too fast and "time" is a good subject to ponder today. Margaret Bernatt’s site was sent to us by another Aussie, Tania McCulloch.

I’d love to know the story about Margaret’s obsession with clocks… a quirky, fun, playful approach. Her concept of time is merrier than mine today. There’s a lesson to be learned….

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