Julia Sober recycles. From automotive fuses to computer parts, Julia sees beauty and utility in the most mundane materials and incorporates them into her polymer clay work.

Scrapbooking staples become bails. Grommets embellish bead holes. Julia's shapes are as playful and unexpected as her hardware. Pieces move. Messages appear and disappear.

Combining her talent for color with her ability to assemble Julia Sober comes up with some exciting and winning combinations (including her "best of show" in the recent NPCG show).

Toops Site

Cynthia Toops and Dan Adams have launched a site about their works. It shows only a smattering of their works and if you drag the images to your machine and view them, you'll get some sense of the scale of Cynthia's micromosaics. It's difficult to imagine working so small. The image at the left is ring-size. Click on it to view the larger-than-life version.

Thanks to Judy Kuskin who discovered the site and passed the link along.

Fiber Finds

Milwaukee's Debra DeWolff started out as a fiber artist, adding polymer to her repertoire a few years back. At Ravensdale she showed these very popular bracelets that combine felt and polymer clay beads. The felt beads are large and the colors bright…definitely diva attire.

Debra says that her web site will soon be in the works. In the meanwhile, you'll have to settle for these pictures or contact her for more information.

Northwest Flavor

Joan Tayler, a Vancouver, B.C. artist, creates these wonderful small birds which she had on display at Ravensdale. She placed the raven at the center of this commissioned piece in tribute to the event. I'd call these lovely little creatures by their proper name, fetis_es, but you would not believe how much spam results from a word like that.

Joan's work captures the flavor of the northwest and her birds and fish are beautifully rendered. Visit Joan's website for more pictures and info.

Chihuly Country

Gloria Askin was wearing these earrings at Ravensdale. I shamelessly tracked her down for a picture. She has some new items on her site for you to enjoy as well (click "next" in her site's gallery).

It seems fitting that we feature these Chihuly-inspired beads as we leave the American northwest, home of many glass innovations. Gloria's polymer clay versions are thin, colorful, lightweight…and not nearly as breakable.

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