Glowing work

These pieces, gleaned from Flickr, are from a mysterious artist (no name, Portugese perhaps) and show a young, painterly, childlike approach to polymer clay. You’ll find polymer embellished postcards and pins. She’s experimenting with bright colors and glow-in-the-dark flourescents.

Whatever this artist may lack in familiarity with the clay (no caning here) she makes up for in creativity. Fric_de_mentol is no copycat, she’s an original. A breath of fresh air.


Canadian artist Wanda Shum has a delightful collection of wares on both her blog and her web site. She has a thing for teapots and I particularly like this "I Dream Of Jeannie" version.

Wanda’s delicate earrings and necklaces filled with extruded patterns show a nice twist on that theme as well.

Many thanks to Barbara Forbes-Lyons for the tip.

Morning coffee or midnight snack

My apologies to those of you who like your daily post with your morning coffee. The day slipped away from me but I figure it's still within the "daily" definition if I post before midnight. 

And luckily I have a treat in my stash (thanks to Laura Curran).

Marcia Herson's site is chock full of goodies so I'll just let you wander through and find your favorites. She's a New Hampshire girl and her story's a good read.

Opera Vessel

I don't even know what an "Opera Vessel" is but I like it anyway. These fanciful creations are by Katerina Musetti of Pennsylvania. Katerina is a singer as well as a polymer artist and that influence comes through in her purses and vessels and necklaces, reflecting the art, music and literature of a bygone era. She was featured in the June 2005 issue of Belle Armoire.

I upgraded the PolymerClayDaily site software last night. If you see any gremlins floating about, let me know.

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