Healing Arts

The healing power of our art seems to have emerged as a theme this week. And those who know Lindly Haunani can attest to her healing skills as well as her mastery of color, and her polymer clay talents. Lindly is a CHTP (Certified Healing Touch Practitioner) and has spent the past six years in the intensive study and practice of energetic healing modalities.

This cool shrine (front and back shown) is the class sample for her "Healing Journey" classes at Maureen Carlson's facility this July 22-23 (scroll way down to July). Inside is a piece of polymer chocolate, a small stone and a rainbow slinky (humor, lightness, food for thought).

Says Lindly, "The design and construction of a small portable artist’s shrine is an intensely personal, illuminating and enjoyable process. Students explore heartfelt communication via color, texture and form."

Students are encouraged to ask themselves, "As an artist, what makes my heart sing?" What a great question to ask ourselves today.


Christine K. Harris is a New Jersey art therapist who leads healing arts programs for children who have experienced painful challenges and losses.

Her polymer clay works resemble stone. She molds and carves the clay, incises and draws on it, sands, paints, and buffs it. Then she combines it with found objects and collage to create a richness not possible in other media.

Christine says she is drawn to winged figures, prevalent in the myths of almost every human culture. These figures, caught in flight, represent the spirit of the individual seeking to transcend the limitations of matter.

Thanks to Barbara Forbes-Lyons for the link!

On the mend

Hot and bored and slightly grumpy…impatient for my body to mend. It's time to cruise the online galleries and get jazzed up about new designs. Let's look over the shoulders of the other artists. Here are four jewelers who got me thinking about polymer clay in new ways.

Plus the latest Ford/Forlano sighting at the Signature Shop Gallery. Start your week off right with some fresh ideas.


The winners in the Bead and Button "Bead Dreams" competition, polymer clay category have just been announced. Looks like you can't view the winners on the Bead and Button site until next week but here they. Congratulations to all.

It's grand to be getting so many comments from abroad. I've been using Alta Vista Babelfish for translations which are often quite quirky. You get the gist of the comments and have to guess at the entire meaning. Linda Crocco wrote to suggest dictionary.com as a better alternative.

I may be able to hear you better in any language after yesterday's surgery on my ear. All went well and I'm rather proud of my temporary Van Gogh look. Finally, I'm a real artist! Have a great weekend.


Talking about France yesterday got me in a traveling mood so I took a mini-vacation to France via the web. Madeleine Songe's site shows her polymer jewelry that reflects the romantic abandon that I enjoy in French designs.

Following Madeleine's links (liens) feels like a trip down a quaint back alley. The links take you to her community of friends.

I'm a bit anxious today and this was the perfect dalliance…a look at the larger world to make me look beyond my small one.

More Teamwork

Jana Roberts Benzon and Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg have combined their creative talents to create Florascope canes transforming flower and leaf canes into striking kaleidoscope canes.

The duo is planning a July 2007 workshop at Gwen Gibson's retreat in France. Students will learn both organic and precision caning, dimensional and flat palette designs, combining elements to create a beautiful creations.

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