French Style

Some day I’d like to be able to wear a scarf like the women in Paris….casually thrown and oh, so elegant. To me, this pin is unmistakeably French.

Magali Thiébaud has combined simple findings, ribbons and polymer squares in a very young, fresh, very French way.


Heart and Soul

All the store merchandise tells us that we’re approaching Valentine’s Day. If you’re in the mood to get your valentines ready, here’s a simple heart from Diane Villano. You can even find a “how-to” on the Polymer Cafe site. Sometimes simple is best.





Polymer Lights Up

Leslie Blackford’s creatures light up a room….really. (You should see the Vegas Rabbit at the left light up. The pig is a light too.)

I intended to keep this bunny under wraps until Easter but I just couldn’t bear to withhold it. Her flying pigs, cats, birds, and all manner of Kentucky wildlife come alive in the silliest and most delightful ways.

It’s a treat to watch Leslie effortlessly turn a lump of clay into a fox and dress him in a polymer Elvis outfit or lean over her shoulder as she adds wings and a fez to a pig. I have one of these lamps in a bathroom and I smile every time I see it. That’s what polymer art is about.

Her web site is a little difficult to navigate but be patient and you’ll be rewarded.


Other Worlds

We see the world in fundamentally different ways. And isn’t that grand? It tickles me to step inside someone else’s head. Leslie Blackford led me to Kevin Buntin’s world which is inhabited by all types of strange and wonderful characters.

Leslie and Kevin and Maureen and their kindred spirits introduce us to stories that we’d never otherwise experience.

Polymer clay comes alive in strange and new ways in their hands.

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