Road trip polymer

Cassy Muronaka's polymer cane

Nothing better to entertain you than a good story while I hit the road back to Ohio. And there’s nobody better at giving us a story and a chuckle than Cassy Muronaka (that’s her brooch at the left) on her Sometimes Daily, Always Random blog.

She shares her craft store closing sale adventures in hilarious detail. Her suburban haikus are a hoot. Often her photos speak for themselves. Cassy is that lovely combination of wry humorist and crazy neighbor whose writing makes her a dear friend. Look at all the publications she’s been in!

On top of all that, she makes a mean cane. She’s a perfect road trip companion. Enjoy.

Note: The “Readers’ Links” page has duplicates and weird stuff going on. I’ll just keep slamming your sites up until I get home to tidy things. Bear with me.

Western Easter

Margaret Regan's polymer eggs

Montana’s Margaret Regan is one of the pioneers of polymer. If you’ve ever made a bangle bracelet on elastic, you can thank her for the idea.

These polymer covered eggs look so like my vacation terrain that I just had to add them. Margaret’s been making them for years and the raven cane is one of her signatures.

Her web site hasn’t changed much and she doesn’t promote herself much so you may have missed these treasures. Her work continues to be impeccably precise.

Spring petals for your hair

Montgrand's polymer petals

In further pursuit of spring, France’s Delphine Roche de Montgrand brings us polymer petals that look fresh and fashionable pinned in long up-swept hair.

Her site has a whole section on bridal accents and I’m particularly keen on her chocolate tiara.

Vacation update

Montgrand's flowers in hair

Our vacation group is finally sitting down to work with polymer after a week of hiking, exploring and entertaining family members on spring break.

Avoidance behavior kicked in and the first thing we felt compelled to do this morning was rearrange the studio. Oh the dances we do to get in the right groove.

Crisp and starched from France

MissTyc's dots, stripes and textures

These dots, stripes and colors from France’s MissTyc have a crisp, starched, freshness about them and we’ve never featured her before (her real name’s a mystery).

MissTyc’s newest work seems to be on her Facebook album and you can find her on Flickr too. On her website she offers a sweet little spring dotted flower cane tutorial (based on Desiree McCrorey’s Spotted Langloisi).

MissTyc's bangle

Crisp and starched is not my mode this week. I’m waiting for my children to meet up with us for a family spring break. Shifting into vacation mode has been a slow and pleasurable process. Stay tuned.

Fantasy flowers from Korringa

Kim Korringa's polymer fantasy flowers

If yesterday’s post put you in a flowery mood, you’ll want to follow today’s links to Kim Korringa’s garden. She posts her signature whimsical caned designs on her web site. Kim’s fish cane tutorial is a popular one.

On her Etsy site she lists one-of-a-kind designs like this multi-color fantasy flower necklace backed with stripe-edged black disks. Pure spring.

Judy Belcher sent the link along. The sun is shining and spring is on its way. Have a springy, sunny weekend.

Forcing spring flowers

Zuda Gay's polymer sculpted flowers

Zuda Gay’s layered polymer flowers are about as close to spring as I’m able to get. Her sculpted cane slices and juicy colors are right on target.

Dahlias and sunflowers are her specialty and you can see an entire polymer garden on her Flickr pages.

Zuda shares a quick tutorial on her site if, like me, you can’t wait for spring. We seem to have brought the Ohio snow with us to Arizona.

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