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Dittmar’s 3D polymer

Portland’s Meredith Dittmar reveals some of her process through her Flickr site photos. This fascinating insider’s view shows the scale and complexity of her vision and lets us glimpse her methods of working in 3D in polymer clay. The piece pictured here is entitled Inter-thinking. It’s a 14″x12″ polymer clay sculpture now at Jonathan Levine, […] Read more

Dittmar’s polymer Earth Day

The polymer clay artist whose art most resonates with today’s Earth Day is Portland’s Meredith Dittmar. Many of her pieces express deep levels of union across biology, technology and consciousness. It’s what Meredith has called “psychepolymereganics” where the interconnectedness of all things is revealed. She sees the act of spontaneous artistic creation as part of […] Read more

Dittmar’s Show

Enjoy these pictures from the reception for "The Evolution of Psychepolymereganics," Meredith Dittmar’s one-woman show at Compound Gallery in Portland, Oregon. If you want to know a bit about how Meredith works, read this article from an earlier Portland show. You’ll find information about this prolific artist all over the web including previous posts ( […] Read more

Dittmar Ditty

How did I miss this little ditty from Meredith Dittmar on YouTube? A bit of polymer clay frivolity for you on a Friday. Have a great weekend! . . .

Dittmar’s Guys

Portland, Oregon's Meredith Dittmar first started sculpting while trying to avoid getting her computer science degree. After graduating she worked as an interactive designer/programmer and her digital works have been shown in international film festivals, exhibits and magazines. For the past ten years, she's put the digital realm on the backburner to pursue her three-dimensional […] Read more

Between our eyes

Portland polymer artist Meredith Dittmar has appeared on PCD many times, initially for her small sculptures, now grown into the show, Between Our Eyes, at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco from January 20 to March 3.   The gallery describes Meredith’s work as human-animal-plant-energy relief-like amalgams that contain threads of common elements and colors to […] Read more

On the fence

Meredith Dittmar adds art to her fence with polymer. She’s mostly creating with paper these days – wonderful, intricate sculptures. Every so often she integrates a sculpture or uses polymer for structure on one of her airy assemblages. See if you can find them on her Instagram or her site. On the fence? No excuses. […] Read more

Polymer MindMancers

Meredith Dittmar includes 32 sculpts and 7 wall pieces in this latest set of MindMancers for a June exhibit. The other set shown below is part of her Agents of the Mystery for the same show. This Portland, Oregon, artist studied computer science and moved into a successful career in digital design leaving all that […] Read more

Friday love letter

We haven’t done any polymer hearts this week and there are plenty to share. The bracelet is copper and clay cold-connected by Sharon Solly. The flower-embellished versions are from Randee Ketzel. Angeli Sobrepena‘s┬áhave wings. And one of Meredith Dittmar’s newest My Guys looks poised for romance and mischief. A Friday love letter comes from Irene […] Read more

Polymer clay toy artists and their site

Toy news and toymakers haven’t appeared on our radar very often but after a look at, it’s apparent that we need to fix that. Toycyte covers toy artists, including a number who work in polymer clay. They’re growing in number, in expertise and in popularity. Meredith Dittmar may be familiar to you already. Her […] Read more