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Luminous hearts

There’s a lovely luminosity about these most recent hearts from Kentucky’s Ron Lehocky. The gold dots popping through watery colored layers lead us to summer’s end. Because Ron builds his hearts from lots of others’ scraps, it’s hard to know the provenance of the bits and pieces he uses. His heart brooches are lovely collaborations […] Read more

Happy birthday hearts

Happy birthday USA from Kentucky’s Ron Lehocky on Instagram with an assist from another cane donation from Maine’s Jayne Dwyer. These hearts were made using Jayne’s donated canes. “She created a subtly shaded stripe pattern that was awesome,” Ron says. Have a terrific holiday!

A heart is born

You didn’t think PCD would get through Valentines Day without featuring Ron Lehocky, did you? Nope! The problem was picking one. Ron has photos of his avid collecters bedecked in his pins. They make perfect gifts for any occasion. This heart is just emerging from a great collaged sheet of veneer. For those of you who […] Read more

Every last scrap

Of course, we couldn’t get through scrap week without Louisville’s Ron Lehocky who continues his march to 50,000 hearts for the Kids Center. Ron receives polymer scrap from around the world, turning tail ends and discarded projects into what will be a half million dollar benefit. See him on Instagram and Facebook. Here you can […] Read more

Ke Garne

Three Samunnat ladies were due to fly from Kathmandu to Detroit in October for a US tour. This week Ron Lehocky and I learned that the US denied their visa applications. There is no appeals process. Bummer! Or as they say in Nepal “Ke Garne” That’s a resigned, “What can you do?” We imagined angels Gita, […] Read more

Polymer on target

We love to search Artful Home from time to time to see if polymer is on target and selling in the trendy online places. Louise Fischer Cozzi’s target earrings are light and balanced. Look over her full line and be sure to note all her clever connections. We want to stay on target for fundraising for […] Read more

Help Samunnat take the next step

A flock of angels will flutter through PCD this spring as we raise travel funds for the 3 Samunnat women who will visit the US in October for training and market development. Gita, Pramila, and Kopila are anxious to meet face to face with those who have supported them and watched the Nepal project grow […] Read more

Monday illusion

Lindsey Hansen (Vivid Clay) lures us into the week with a tempting cane design that fools the eye with its 3D illusion. She covered a straight-sided jar with the slices and replaced the lid with a cork top. Using black and white, she layers and stacks blends strips of blended clay into a square cane.  […] Read more

Holiday cheer

Our polymer Santa/Dr. Lehocky is still in his workshop upcycling canes (like these poinsettia and snowman slices from Jane Dwyer) and turning discards from artists around the world into hearts that will benefit the Children’s Center in Louisville, KY. This heart story has been going on for 12 years and last night’s total topped 40,520. […] Read more

Spinning polymer

Did you read Ron Lehocky’s story about Bali’s Jon Anderson in this summer edition of The Polymer Arts magazine? The two artists have developed a long-distance friendship. Jon regularly sends Ron canes to be made into hearts for the Kids Project. Jon enjoys contributing to the project and seeing how Ron reinterprets his ideas into […] Read more