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Houndstooth hearts

Louisville pediatrician Ron Lehocky has made 18,200 polymer hearts which makes him the valentine king. Today is his day. Blow a kiss toward Kentucky. Not only has Ron raised $10 for each of those hearts which goes to the KIDS Center, he’s also raised the bar on what one person can accomplish. Other polymer artists […] Read more

Polymer lemonade!

Kentucky’s Ron Lehocky happily received a bin full of other artists’ scrap clay recently. He’s begun turning those discarded canes, experiments and leftovers – our “lemons” into “lemonade” for the KIDS project. Take a look at what Ron can do with failures and leftovers! In some of the photographs he’s inserted the original cane to illustrate […] Read more

Picking polymer winners

Elaborate hats, roses and horses are all part of the tradition at this weekend’s Kentucky Derby race. Ron Lehocky’s polymer heart pins may become part of the tradition too. The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft is now among the galleries that carry the pins and the new Women Creative Gallery also sells them. If […] Read more

Turkey hearts

Kentucky’s Ron Lehocky brings us a turkey heart for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday today. This Thanksgiving marks the fifth anniversary of the heart project. Ron has made and sold 14,000 polymer clay heart pins to benefit the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. Can you imagine making 14,000 hearts in your spare time? PCD has followed […] Read more

Royal polymer clay hearts

Polymer hearts abound on the web this year…altered, broken, anatomically correct, steampunked, candy, fragile and untamed. Scroll down to see some favorites. I am waving my wand and declaring two Queen of Hearts for Valentines Day. Tejae Floyde is all about hearts. She bounded into the limelight with exhibitions, classes and sites. And she has […] Read more

Polymer with Heart

On this American Independence Day when many stories about our country do not make us proud, we take heart from a story about a modest polymer clay project that is making a difference. Ron Lehocky is a general pediatrician in Louisville, Kentucky who treats children with special challenges. He is a board member for the […] Read more

Holiday cheer

Our polymer Santa/Dr. Lehocky is still in his workshop upcycling canes (like these poinsettia and snowman slices from Jane Dwyer) and turning discards from artists around the world into hearts that will benefit the Children’s Center in Louisville, KY. This heart story has been going on for 12 years and last night’s total topped 40,520. […] Read more

Eakes’ polymer gifts

Julie Eakes offers a nifty poinsettia tutorial on her blog. She collages slices from four or five basic canes onto a graduated background for one variation. Then she shows how the same canes can be used for sculptural or dimensional pieces. What a nice gift to readers. If you’ve caught the generous spirit of the […] Read more

Disbrain’s color and our craft’s generosity

One lovely end-of-summer shot of color from a Russian site called Disbrain. Translation isn’t helping much and I hope that the picture says it all. NOTE: The link had lots of porn attached. Go to only if you’re virus protected. Thanks to those who alerted me. Last week’s American Crafts Council salon that’s now […] Read more

Featured Artist Directory

Over 500 artists have been featured on PCDaily. We need your eagle eyes! If you spot a broken or outdated link, please let us know. ARTISTS RESOURCES SISTER SITES Aaron, Shay Abba Dabba Video Art Bead Scene Abarbanel, Janice Art Source Carrot Box Abrams, Lauren Cole Belle Armoire Color Stripes Ackiron-Moses, Jill Boston Craftworks Craftcast […] Read more

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