Faux slate switchcovers

An expensive kitchen renovation with slate backsplash fell flat because the customer's generic switchplates were what caught your eye first as you entered the room. Bummer. I brought some leftover scraps of backsplash home so that I could match the colors. I textured the faux stone with real texture plates (from Victoria James) and wiped acrylic paint into the crevices.
My faux slate switchplate covers are all polymer with no plastic or metal underneath. I formed them over a standard switchplate and baked on it, then removed the form because the extra layer made the piece too bulky. The polymer is rigid enough on its own and this allowed me to give the stone a natural, uneven edge.

My husband fished out some sample electrical switches from his workshop so that I could trim the holes to fit perfectly. I used his countersink bit by hand to rout out the holes at an angle so that the screws set flush.

I liked the look so much, I made some for my own kitchen.

I've added a couple of "after" pictures below.