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Colorful unraveling

This is the final 8″x8″ wood panel in a series of four from Italy’s Alessia Bodini. The mixed-media grouping is called “The Genesis of Euphoria and Discouragement: Circular Work in Four Squares “. In the final square, the extruded strips come undone, unraveled…but in a joyous, freed way. The surfaces of the extruded strips are […] Read more

Faceted and striped

Italy’s Allesia Bodini keeps her options open. When confronting the decision of whether her beads should be faceted or striped, she merely says “Yes.” Are they cut from solid blocks of stripes? Or created as faceted beads and covered with slices of stripes? Is it too early in the week for this brain teaser? Inquiring […] Read more

Polymer with a teasing twist

Italy’s Alessia Bodini makes spiral beads with a sideways mokume gane twist. She nicks off bits of the sides of the beads to reveal the layers underneath. Could be a triangle extruded shape. Are you itching to figure it out too? Alissa likes to tease us on her Instagram and Flickr and Facebook.

Playful experiments

A browse through the photos of Italy’s Alessia Bodini is like skipping through her brain. Alessia experiments and turns the pieces that speak to her into designs that please her. She shapes and reshapes until her eye is happy. The blue extrusions were just her colors so she wove them into a brooch. The earrings are […] Read more

Pencil me in

Italy’s Alessia Bodini used colored pencils to give these hollow polymer beads their vibrancy. Surface treatments on polymer are becoming more plentiful (see yesterday’s pastels) and more interesting as artists take more painterly approaches to our small canvases. You can follow Alessia’s experiments on Facebook and Flickr. Have paints and pencils showed up in your toolbox?

Tweaking expectations

Milan’s Alessia Bodini tweaks regular shapes and surfaces in unexpected ways. Her tube beads are a bit off balance and threaded at unexpected angles. She uses colored pencils to color the polymer exteriors. Alessia doesn’t like to travel the usual roads. Look at her Facebook and Flickr collections to see how she plays with our expectations.

Quirky loops

Just when you think you know where Milan’s Alessia Bodini is headed with her extrusions, she swoops in a different direction. On this blue necklace, she flattens an extrusion into a ribbon, loops it over and over, adds her own marks and threads it onto a choker. She extrudes graduated purple polymer and joins lengths of the resulting triangles into […] Read more