How to get noticed on PolymerClayDaily


Think I’ve overlooked you and your work? Here are a few tips on how to make sure your work is on the PolymerClayDaily radar:

  1. Comment

    Add your thoughts in the comments section below each daily post. I love the comments. Artists love the comments. Comments link back to you. It’s a win-win.

  2. Send a Suggestion

    Do you think your art or someone else’s art belongs on PolymerClayDaily? Send me a suggestion. If I use it, you’ll get a link back to you. I try to acknowledge all contributors. You are my best source.

  3. Make Contact

    If you email me a link to your blog, and your blog can be read in an RSS reader, chances are higher that I’ll take a look. If you don’t have a website or a blog, email me your photos. My reaction to what I read varies. I wait for something to jump out at me. I try to be fair and I do a little happy dance when I discover someone new. I often miss mail sent through Facebook or other social media. Please write me directly.

  4. Use Google for Technical Questions

    There are many places to read about techniques and equipment. I focus on art and aesthetics and I don’t have answers to technical questions. A google search will get you the quickest answers or you might join a forum of supportive artists who can help.

A note about images
Names or watermarks over images make me wince. Watermarks make many images unusable for me. If you feel strongly about labeling your art, please don’t let the identifier spoil the image. I photoshop each and every photo so that all items have a consistent white background.


“I am still somewhat overwhelmed by the mention of my work on May 23.  It is amazing the power of Facebook, Flickr and blog sites like PolymerClayDaily when they connect. Amazing!” –Fanita Miller Brandeis