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Concepts that ricochet

Russia’s Galka Vasina is playing here. She’s swapping beautiful components to see which ones look best together. They all work in my book. From what I can glean from the translation, Galka was inspired by Tanya Mayorova. The commenters seemed to be lamenting what’s happening on VK, their version of Etsy. To me these cutouts […] Read more

Meditative repetition

Russia’s Tanya Mayorova suggests her labor-intensive, mosaic-style Planet pendant design as a good project for those with time on their hands. She lines up small cane slices in sections on the outside of four-layer domed pendants. Aligning the slices looks a little compulsive, rather soothing and totally stunning. See her designs on her Instagram. She […] Read more

Beads that snuggle

Russia’s Tanya Mayorova teaches this necklace of wraparound beads. The graduated colors of these cone-shaped beads fit snugly into each other. The cones move in a sinewy, snake-like motion that makes them relaxing to make and fun to wear. Here’s Tanya on Instagram.

Black and white go big

Russia’s Tanya Mayorova tops her crisp black and white patterns with highlights of gold that give this cuff, earrings, and necklace added graphic punch. Big holed tube beads and a fat cord add the right touch for the bold graphics. Go bold, go big.

Bury your beads

As we approach ourĀ usual end-of-year studio pare down and purge period, we might take a hint from Spain’s Tanya Mayorova and bury our beads! Tanya doodles with extruded strips of clay set on edge. Stacked against each other, the strips dip and bend and wind around an assortment of beads and baubles. They change color […] Read more

Fantastic folded beads

Tanya Mayorova brings her own mokume gane colors and patterns to Helen Breil’s smart bead design. Ovals of polymer patterns fold over to become graceful beads. Helen offers a free tutorial that gets you started. Tanya’s results blend into a five-strand boho gypsy necklace that’s assembled to reflect her own aesthetic. Here’s her work in […] Read more

Mixed media is back

Tanya Mayorova’s mixed media combo will appeal to anyone who has been wondering what to do with a stash of unused beads. She wraps a mix of beads threaded on wire around polymer big-hole beads which have been stamped and given a metallic sheen. The effect is primitive, ethnic and very fashionable. Tanya is from […] Read more

Garden polymer

Russia’s Tanya Mayorova tightly winds thin strips of polymer round and round until their layers of muted color form a dense flower-like composition that is accented with dots of metal. She pairs these polymer cabbage roses with rough cords, leather or even scarves for a very romantic and sophisticated look. Tanya is such a trickster […] Read more

Polymer geometry

Today squares popped out. These square bangles by Belgium’s Moise Vanden Broeck have been circulating around Pinterest and even though his post about them is a couple years old, the concept is fresh and the overlapped construction would be strong and attractive. Layers of square and rectangular clay pieces are stacked around a form and […] Read more

Polymer pastiche

Russia’s Tanya Mayorova applies slices of extruded cane with layer overlapping colorful layer to create a bangle that is rough with color and texture. The design circles around one small stone. As you flip through her Flickr pictures you’ll see that this denseness and a preference for jewel tones combine to make Tanya’s signature style. […] Read more