April 10, 2021

I’m more of a seasoned hen than a spring chicken like these sculptures from Oregon’s Marilyn Lindsley. I think of myself as a free-range type.

I’ve been trying to figure out the young chicks in our community for weeks. Not jealous! Already been twenty and thirty, thank you very much. More of a tend and befriend approach. Guess I’m a mother hen, pardon the puns.

There’s a bigger story here! I find more and more artists gleefully celebrating their first anniversary in clay. They started when they were bored and they know how to hustle! ??? launches her collections

Me and the boomers are already in trouble for taking more than our share. (My daughter points me here and here.) Raise your hand if you want to get back to production work. I didn’t think so.


  • Audible polymer…Joan Tayler sells tons of her dressed-up whistles as pendants or jacket pulls. Listen to them here. Her tutorial for making  the whistle part is available here
  • Kathleen Dustin and Helen Malchow celebrate their first in-person workshops in June and August!  Translucent Layering, 2 days, June 25-26 for Kathleen. August 14 for Helen. Both at Lexington Arts near Boston