Jan 23, 2021

Tough times compelled Valérie Ronvel-Blaya’s (Veesuel) to finish Take Shelter, three teardrop-shaped, suspended cocoons, each about 19″ high and 5″ wide. She entered them in the IPCA contest

Joseph Barbaccia’s Kamala 12 1/2″ x 15″. Go close for the full effect

Signs of spring. Bonnie Bishoff’s bird drawings in polymer

It looked like Lindsay Locatelli was revisiting her wood carving skills for this new series but no, it’s polymer. This shadowbox diptych of oceans and boats and seabirds is sculpted and brushed with a wash of white liquid clay]

Packaging porn! Watch simply yenni fill her small slot boxes. Surely we can find something like these thin folded boxes in the US

Ms.claze does something similar. Jeez, I’m jealous

Loving dots on a Skinner blend from Nika.Nakit

Simple and free Houndstooth from Meg Newberg

Big square hoops from Makesmalltalk

A new wrinkle from Bobbimadethis

Freeform cane (no pasta machine, no rollers, few tools) from rozzhopp_

Perfectly centered holed from clay_art_depot in collaboration with noeliacontrerasm