Mojo upgrade

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Old dogs, new tricks

April 24, 2021

I chickened out! Instead of saving time with a new way of putting Mojo together for you, I put the newsletter together in both the old and the new format. So much for my idea of saving time!

I told myself, “They might get mad that I changed things after 500 issues. They might not like being thrown into the deep end of the pool.”

Enough with the spring chickens and wise owls that I’ve been fixated on in the past few weeks. We’re not old dogs and we can learn new tricks. Right?

We’ll eaaase into the new “roll” format. If you get totally turned around, let me know. I’ll tweak and tinker until we come to some glorious compromise that makes Mojo more useful and fun.

Here’s this week’s roll its glitz and glamor. It’s good on a phone too. Below is a plain Jane version of the usual Mojo.