Pingree Convergence

It may be messy for a few days yet.

In the meanwhile, Pingree folks can take a sneak peak at the pictures from the recent Rocky Mountain Polymer Clay Network conference by clicking in the green bar above.

Later this week I’ll begin adding daily postings and pictures. Right now I’m changing colors and links and categories…occasionally, botching the whole shebang. Bear with me.

Leslie Blackford’s flying pig sort of exemplifies this site at the moment!


    I’d like to learn more about future Rocky Mtn region retreats and conferences regarding PC clay, especially sculpture. I live in the Phoenix area.

    I’ve worked with PC since 2002, but being newly retired, am much more seriously involved now. I’m hoping to soon develop a line of pieces to sell online. I do mostly sculpture, but I love what can be done with millefiore too!

    What a fabulous time to get into this media! So much great info out there from VERY talented artists! Thanks for your website! I will continue to “mine” it for wonderful inspiration and subscribe to your newsletter.

    Thanks PCD staff!

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