Carol and Jean-Pierre Hsu of Berkeley Springs, Virginia (a couple of hours away from ShrineMont where the national guild holds its annual retreat) work in aluminum but as you can see their designs are particularly relevant right now.

I'm thinking of making myself a similar pair of earrings out of polymer clay. Their designs are instructional (yes, by all means, vote) and their colors inspirational. Must make these soon.


  • reply Jan Crandell ,

    Can you stay home on Friday and make those earrings so that we can get them on Saturday?

    • reply Mona Kissel ,

      :))) These artists are in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, about thirty minutes from my home… Mona

      • reply Elaine ,

        I can totally see these in clay… the little scrapbooking brads or eyelets as joints maybe for good dangling?

        Very cool. I see a pair of ‘Read’ ones in my favourite librarians future.

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