The Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy takes the guild concept into new, uncharted territory. Not only do their designs reflect a youthful sensibility but they also bring a fresh approach to collaboration. (This piece is by Block Party Press.)

They explain their mission this way, "We are a global group of artists working in polymer clay, and united through which is a shopping site for all kinds of handmade goods."

It may take me a while to explore the site and get my head around the concept. I thought you’d like to take a look too. Susan Rose passed the site along.

Speaking of art in unusual places, check out this link to New York City’s arts for transit from Lindly Haunani and Elise Winters.

  • reply Michael ,

    The “Arts for Transit” idea reminds me of the beautiful murals I saw in some of the subway stations while visiting Stockholm. The subway in itself was an adventure for a rural girl like myself, but the beautiful paintings did make the experience just that much more special and memorable. I imagine that even for those who see them every day, they must be a source of joy and pride.

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