One more Shrine Mont moment and then we’ll move on until next year.

This picture is from Ruth Ann Husted and shows the polymer clay mirror created for the silent auction. The group was instructed to contribute something found on the forest floor.

That so many styles, ideas and colors can be integrated into one piece amazes me. I’ve never worked on a committee that could accomplish such a task.

Here’s a gallery of Shrine Mont participants and their work. It was compiled with my photos and others from Hollie Mion, Barbara Sosna, Linda Weeks, Ruth Ann Husted, and Judy Belcher.

This piece is built on a 10×10 wood-framed mirror from Ikea. It’s best to bake the frame unadorned first to make sure the wood is stable.

  • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

    Thanks for sharing more of your Shrine Mont experience with us Cynthia!

    • reply Jana Roberts Benzon ,

      Oh wow….beautiful, Ruth Ann!! I want to se this up close and personal! It looks so intriguing. I was fortunate enough to meet Ruth Ann at Shrine Mont last year, and got to see her work IRL. I was on the better end of a trade with her and use the beautiful coffee mug she made nearly everyday….

      • reply myra katz ,

        I would like to know the size of the piece…please.

        • reply darleen bellan ,

          I love it…and you can still show more, I am sure we all would like to see more…may I have some more please

          • reply Kit Lockwood ,

            Thank you so much for sharing these photographs. I hope you know there are polymer clay enthusiasts out here who don’t get to go to on such wonderful retreats, and who just pour over these photographs like they were food for the hungry. I am so inspired by what I see. I love seeing the work of so many, and I see other things on the work tables that make me so curious, makes me wish I could go just to ask questions. Thank you again.

            • reply River ,

              Looks like a good time to me too! I hope I don’t ruffle some feathers by asking where are the up and coming artists ( meaning younger than 40ish) and what is NPCG doing to attract them?

              River (up and coming years ago and on the deep end of 40 myself 😉

              • reply April Blue ,

                Just had to tell you that I just adore this magnificent mirror of magical polymer clay creatures and features! LOL! The dragonfly is majesticly done I will say! Butterfly and turtles of colored clay! What a great way to spend one’s day! Beautyfull and quite inspiring to behold!

                • reply Bettina Welker ,

                  Wow, thanks for all the nice pics from the Shrinemont convention. I really liked what I saw. And I really liked to attend such a great convention myself (maybe sometimes in the future after winning the lottery..*lol*)


                  • reply Gayle Thompson ,

                    WOW! Thanks for the pictures! I love the mirror! Makes me wich I’d been there to bid on it! I’m very sorry I was not able to go this year due to some family issues. Maybe next year?

                    • reply adina ,

                      I love the shrine pix. Keep’em coming.

                      And YES, going on a retreat would be a luxury for me, so PUHLeeze keep the pix coming.

                      Keep up the great work!
                      (and hopefully I’LL be an up and coming artist under 40)

                      • reply Jeanette ,

                        Had fun looking at the pics. Hope I can go next year.

                        • reply Jackie ,

                          Way to go, Ruth Ann!! Congrats – it’s an awesome piece!

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