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    I am a big fan of mind mapping and actually used the entire technique in picture form to teach a class of underachieving French students many years ago. They had great fun designing their maps, learnt their work at the same time without realising that they were learning French and all passed with flying colours! I used to have a computer program for mapping – not sure where it’s gone. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to know that your mind is as crowded as mine! Kylee

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      I looked at your mind map and said to myself – “how had I missed or forgotten this tool?” As I was getting over a cold, I went back to bed and read a bit of Roizen and Oz’s new book on staying young. And what did I find – a mind map on planning a vacation! So I pulled out my notebook and did one for my preparations for a show at the end of the month. That jump started me and I went down to my studio and worked non-stop for the next 5 hours, broke for dinner, and then continued until 2 in the morning. It really kept me on track! Thanks.

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