Polymer for gamer girls

Gamer girls are showing their pride by wearing polymer clay miniatures of game-related paraphernalia, dispelling the idea that “girls don’t play video games.”

Playstation, XBox, IPod and Nintendo systems are all part of this geek identity art created by The Clay Collection. What better way to display one’s obsession? I like the punk feminist implications.


  • reply Eva/le Loup ,

    Cynthia Hello!
    this is a surprising post!
    jewelry are perfectly made, but what a topic!
    I struggle against the arrival of the DS at home after that of Harry Potter, but everyone’s addictions and its claims when it was the age of reason! ;-))
    I like hen! but I do not even wear hens earrings!
    see you soon!

    • reply Karina ,

      The Earrings are Originals ^_^

      • reply Melanie West ,

        Finally! Something made of polymer that both my mega-super-geek son and I can enjoy! Terrific work! Having been born a dye-in-the-wool Tom Boy myself, I applaud the Clay Connection wildly!

        Thanks Cynthia!

        • reply Cindy ,

          I really think that Clay Connection is very talented and has come up with neat things for the younger generation but Playstation, XBox, IPod, and Nintendo are all copyrighted products. I hope she does not get into trouble over using their products for profit.

          • reply Thoryke ,

            The BBC [owner of Dr. Who] tends to be _quite_ vigorous in defending its copyright: there have been several fiber artists who have had to negotiate for the right to produce Dr. Who related merchandise or even patterns for people to make things for their own personal use. I don’t know all the details, but this artist should be prepared for legal action…


            • reply Alan Smith ,

              • reply Moi ,

                I had to click on the comments of this post because I knew – just knew – there would be some copyright comments.

                If these women spent as much time playing cop as they did adding something of interest to the world, they’d be well off indeed.

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