Raise the Roof campaign

This year you raised enough money to build a permanent home for the Samunnat women’s project in Nepal. This music video by Australia’s Cathy Bucolo┬átells the story beautifully. The pictures of the construction and the stories of the women in this thriving program will astonish you.

Dr. Ron Lehocky has been a force behind the project (along with Australia’s Wendy Moore and Nepal’s Kopila Basnet).

When Ron saw pictures of the iron rebar jutting out of the roof for a second floor some day and asked about the stairs that lead to an upstairs eventually – well he couldn’t stand it. “The builder is there, the materials are available, the women need the space. You can do it now,” he said firmly and wisely.

Samunnat progress

If 500 people give $20, Samunnat can complete the second floor and fence the grounds for livestock and gardening. Ron seeded the project with $2000 (and a cow) and already polymer artists have begun contributing. Help now!

Every contribution counts and you can follow along online to see what a difference you’ve made. Need a holiday gift? A donation in the name of a friend or family member makes a thoughtful gift. Here’s a gift/donation card that you can print and send. You can also help by putting this ad on your blog or talking about Raise the Roof on social media. Let’s do it this month!

simple slicer on PCDaily

Simple Slicer Cyber Monday

If you’ve been eyeing one of Lee Ann Armstrong’s popular Simple Slicers, Monday is the day to jump on it. Lee Ann is donating all her Monday sales (not just a slice but the whole shebang) to Samunnat. You’ll be getting a super slicer and making a mighty donation at the same time!

Here in America, shopping gets frantic for the next few days. Monday is the big day for online holiday sales. Our buying frenzy is a little embarrassing but Lee Ann helps you slice better, shop smart and feel good this Cyber Monday.

  • reply Wendy K. ,

    What a great Black Friday surprise! Giving to Samunnat is a wonderful way to start the day!

    • reply Ron Lehocky ,

      500 THANK YOUs in advance to all the compassionate donors who will help Raise the Roof.
      Thanks Lee Ann for your generosity. I LOVE my simple slicer.
      Cynthia you’re media genius is matched by your compassion. Thanks for introducing me to these pioneering and brave women and for pulling this RTR effort together. The video is so compelling…feels like home!

      • reply Deborah Ross ,

        What a beautiful video! I quickly posted the story to my Facebook page and I hope many of my friends respond by donating to the project. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Cynthia!

        • reply Debbie Crothers ,

          Let’s hope we get to the 500 helpers needed. What an incredible story.

          • reply Ron Lehocky ,

            We can if everyone makes their donation and spreads the word to friends and family. The video is irresistible. I have already printed some gift cards to give to loved ones for whom I made a donation in their name.

          • reply Carole ,

            DRATS!!!I DARN iT ALL!!
            I JUST got my simple slicer delivered yesterday!! Though I’m not supossed to know that since it will be under the christmas tree soon!!

            • reply Kopila Basnet and Wendy Moore ,

              Possibly too late to leave a comment on this post but we have to make the most of what connection we have when we have it! Thank goodness for our connection with the fabulous polymer community which is so strong and encouraging. We are so happy that in our friend Cathy’s wonderful video everyone can see a little of our story in a special way. Thank you so much Cynthia, Ron, everyone for helping us to make our dreams reality. Much love from over here….all at Samunnat

              • reply Ron Lehocky ,

                It is never too late to comment on something so worthwhile. We share your joy at this awesome response from around the world for a brave group of women who have taken control of their destiny. Raise that Roof ladies! My regards to Bishnu. Namaste.

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