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BlockPartyPress sells 1000 online

BlockPartyPress’ Tamara Shea is a prolific polymer clay artist, chalking up her 1000th online sale at the end of June. Her cloud nine design is a new one in her series of designs that combine her love of block printing and painting with polymer. I marvel at her work and at the effort that such […] Read more

Inabe’s floating translucents

Masako Inabe’s translucent goldfish truly floats on one of her polymer clay beads. And her butterfly flutters on another. Donna Kato sent in these pictures taken at Carnival ’07. “I think that goldfish bead is the most beautiful polymer bead I’ve ever seen. It’s so Japanese,” says Donna. (There are more pictures of it in […] Read more

Washington, the heart of “Clay Nation”

Maggie Maggio has renewed her blogging vows and started the year with a post on “white” which includes a terrific link to Minnesota architect/designer Martha McQuade’s Uniform Studio and her polymer clay experiments (here’s her Flickr link). You may want to savor that site this weekend. The simple, minimalist designs feel so right. And speaking […] Read more

Five 2007 Favorites

Dittmar Young Bonura Simmons MacLeod These five polymer clay artists and/or their techniques piqued my interest and stood out in 2007. You may agree…or not. If I missed your absolute favorite, let me know. Carol Simmons – Simmons’ kaleidoscope system is the most logical and elegant mathematical system since the Skinner blend. Can’t wait for […] Read more


How often do you see polymer clay on a billboard? Thanks to Meredith Ditmar’s work, folks in Portland have that pleasure. Meredith’s characters also appear in books, on cell phones, in commercials and in other unusual venues. Interest in contemporary character design has grown. It draws on pop culture, graffiti and visual art and its […] Read more


Paula Pindroh from Lakewood, Ohio, joins the ranks of polymer clay illustrators (see the new category in the right hand column). Artists like Meredith Dittmar, Doreen Gay-Kassel, Sylvie Perrin, Marcia Rocha and others take the clay in a direction that few of us pursue and many of us admire. Most of these illustrators started out […] Read more

Featured Artist Directory

Over 500 artists have been featured on PCDaily. We need your eagle eyes! If you spot a broken or outdated link, please let us know. ARTISTS RESOURCES SISTER SITES Aaron, Shay Abba Dabba Video Art Bead Scene Abarbanel, Janice Art Source Carrot Box Abrams, Lauren Cole Belle Armoire Color Stripes Ackiron-Moses, Jill Boston Craftworks Craftcast […] Read more