Five 2007 Favorites

Dittmar Young Bonura Simmons MacLeod

These five polymer clay artists and/or their techniques piqued my interest and stood out in 2007. You may agree…or not. If I missed your absolute favorite, let me know.

Carol Simmons – Simmons’ kaleidoscope system is the most logical and elegant mathematical system since the Skinner blend. Can’t wait for her to introduce it. Carol uses Kaleider software to test her color combinations.

Elizabeth Bonura – This had to take the cake, didn’t it? I love that Etsy friends chimed in to help her capture the bride’s likeness.

Camille Young – Her use of Lumina air dry polymer clay pushes us to think in other directions. Check out her new barbed wire.

Sharon MacLeod – You have to see her work to appreciate its detail. I can’t figure out how she wraps such fine patterns so perfectly on memory wire.

Meredith Dittmar – She’s prolific, she’s hot. Meredith’s art has been on cell phones, billboards, books, and in the coolest Portland galleries. This girl is talented and knows how to market. Last week my tivo found her on “Crafters Coast to Coast” – that frenetic program that I usually avoid. I wanted to yell, “Stop moving the camera,” so that I could see more of her work.

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