I’m skeptical about this post because I know little about doll artists and because I’m simply captivated by these polymer clay babies by Cynthia Malbon.

Malbon sells resin versions of her works to a wider market and her name somehow always appears with Richard Simmons. I learned little about the artist herself and that makes me nervous.

Be that as it may, I am fascinated by the realism achieved by great doll makers like Malbon, Camille Allen, Jodi and Richard Creager, Annie Wahl and others listed on the NAIDA site.

If you can tell us more about this artist, please send your comments along. Thanks to Barbara Fajardo for the link.

  • reply nancy dezotell ,

    How excited I was to open up this morning and see a fellow polymer clay doll artist! Cynthia’s work is extremely well known and adored. Her work is beyond what can be imagined in terms of beauty and realism. Take the time and browse her site and you will see for yourself what an amazing artist she is.

    • reply Barb Fajardo ,

      I originally ran across her work on flickr:


      I googled her before sending the link on to you and I couldn’t find much on her either. She does have pics of a show she did in NY on her flickr site. But, wow…incredible work isn’t it?

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        NAIDA has members whose work boggles the mind. I have lusted after the Creagers’ dolls for years… exquisite detail and “life”! There are a few non-polymer doll artists that are worth knowing about, too, like Akira Blount…

        • reply momo ,

          super belle photo pleine de tendresse


          • reply Kristy ,

            I’m just stupified, I’m working on how to make just a hand, how in the world do you people do it?!? Is natural talent alot of it, or can it be tought? I should probably find that out now before I drive myself CRAZY!

            • reply Cynthia Malbon ,

              I came upon this blog while browsing the web. What a pleasant surprise!! I can’t thank you enough for your kind comments on my work.
              This is a beautiful website. I’m equally awed by all the incredible polymer clay artists out there.
              I don’t have a web site, but you can see more of my dolls at: http://cynthiamalbon.smugmug.com/gallery/2297662#120522354

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