More history from Hollie’s collection. I wonder if you can identify this artist’s early work.

The pin on the right is an early 3D diorama from a series that the artist continued for several years. And the full-size mask is covered with a delightful variety of face cane and pattern slices.

Click here to go the artist’s current site. Surprised?

  • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

    Not surprised at all..I’ve spent a lot of time recently looking through my copy of The New Clay by Nan Roche and Kathleen’s early work is featured throughout the boo. I love seeing this kind of stuff – keep it coming!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      I have an unfair advantage over many other newer pc folks. I borrowed a book (circa 1996) from Betsy Baker (Stonehouse Studio) by Steve Ford and Leslie Dierks titled “Creating with Polymer Clay”. It features several of Kathleen Dustin’s earlier work, including the 3D pin. That book, btw, is fantastic. Not only do you get to see some of the earlier ground breaking work by some of the leading pc artists, but you get a great historical perspective on just how far pc has come, and the increadibly strong foundation it was built upon.

      I adore Kathleen’s mastery of polymer clay, both then and now!

      • reply Martha Aleo ,

        I might have been surprised by the mask but the pin on the right wa a dead giveaway.

        • reply barb fajardo ,

          Very well said Melanie. I may have to hunt down that book!

          I’ve always been a huge fan of Kathleen’s work and now seeing some of her earlier work just makes me admire her even more!

          • reply Sherry Bailey ,

            I new Kathy waaay back in Michigan when she did wall pieces similar to the room pin only in colored porcelain clay! She has always had that fabulous imagination and attention to detail!

            • reply Hollie ,

              Sherry, I had the great fortune to see her large, porcelain versions in her home in Houston at the first Embellishments – truly a sight to see, along with all of her other wonderful pieces in her home, including furniture and accessories from their time in Turkey. What a great lady, in so many ways!

              Hey Cynthia, you are using up the major pieces pretty quickly – you’d better save some to spread out the fun.

              • reply Kristy ,

                I’m going to buy my own Christmas gift this year, that $1,500 heart purse, that way my husband doesn’t have to worry himself with shopping. Or the price tag, isn’t that nice of me? ( : lol

                • reply Vickie ,

                  I called it too!

                  Kathleen has a very distinctive vision that always speaks to me. Early work or late, always a wonderful artist.

                  Quite an amazing teacher too!

                  • reply jana roberts benzon ,

                    The day after this post, I had the great good fortune of riding to and from Boston with Kathleen to attend a talk she gave on ethnic jewelry collections (and yes, I was pinching myself the entire time :-)… was fun to alert her to this post, and she was delighted and curious about the older work of hers that you featured.

                    She really is a great lady, and I loved every minute that I got to spend with her and to hear her words of wisdom on many topics. Her talk was so informative and interesting, and her ethnic jewelry collection is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

                    Anywho, just wanted to share….

                    • reply Sarah FIsher ,

                      Great idea for a series, but I agree with Martha, the pin was a giveaway…

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