Sony Bravia Claymation

Any project that requires 2.5 tons of clay merits a mention on this site. Forty animators made 182 bunnies and one giant 30-foot rabbit and more for Sony Bravia’s latest 60-second promotion. It’s plasticine, not polymer clay, but the spirit’s the same and we share a motto, “Color like no other.”

Go here for a behind-the-scenes look. The full 60-second commercial is here. The interface was a little slippery and confusing but persist and you’ll be rewarded.

I can’t pass up a chance to mention the synergy in a project like this….and of course, encourage you to sign up now for the polymer clay guild’s Synergy conference next February.

  • reply planetjune ,

    Thanks for this link – what an amazing project! I think the animators did an amazing job on this – it must have taken a LOT of work.

    • reply Domitsu ,

      Quel travail pour faire tous ces lapins ! Une opération promotionelle sympathique et amusante!

      What a work to make all these rabbits! A very sympathetic and amusing promotional operation !

      • reply Michelle Davis Petelinz ,

        Wow! Thanks for the link.

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