Holden’s Fall Leaves

Vancouver Island’s Tina Holden was inspired to create this polymer clay necklace by a recent drive in the countryside.

She added copper, variegated and gold leaf into a jade translucent polymer clay. The necklace itself is crocheted and four-strand braided with recycled glass, smokey quartz and other beads.

Holden also "rocks" and has swapped with other makers of PEBLS…that’s Polymerclay Evolved Beach Like Stones.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Sweet “Rocks”! I love the variety… very similar to the glacial till that covers Maine’s shores. I particularly like the red ones. They are all very inspiring. Thanks for sharing Tina’s site, Cynthia!

    • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

      Tina’s work is simply breathtaking- I was lucky enough to participate in the PEBL Swap and I treasure the piece I received from her.

      Kudos Tina!

      • reply Kim Cavender ,

        Yay! Another rockhead! Beautiful pebbles!

        • reply Lori Scouton ,

          WOW! I love your leaf necklace, simply beautiful…. I make alot of leaves and am currently figuring out my first multi strand necklace with them. You are an inspiration! Thank you!
          I checked out your blog, very nice! One day I will get mine caught up to date, lol! Neat rocks and pebbles, they are so real looking.
          Congrats on the PCD feature, I’m happy to have found you.

          Lori Scouton

          • reply Lori Scouton ,

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