Several trends emerge as I study last year’s posts. The first is the explosion of Etsy where you’ll find 982 pages of polymer clay works offered for sale today. Interesting pieces, like those of Pennsylvania’s LaBeana (Lauren Cole) pictured here, jump out as fresh and new from this vast reservoir of talent.

Three other 2007 events seem especially significant – the new NPCG web site which reveals a newly invigorated group, the Craft/MakerFaire movement (and Leslie Blackford’s polymer clay entré into that group), the revitalization of the American Craft Council (and the magazine).

There’s also the phenomenal growth of art blogging. That’s for later this week.

  • reply Lunes ,

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. Great to have a resumé of 2007 and know that Polymer is as successful as ever.
    With regards to art blogging – I couldn’t agree more and have joined the gang!
    Best wishes for 2008

    • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

      Happiest of New Years to you and yours, Cynthia! I am looking forward to meeting you and learning from you at Synergy.

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