Banner Year for New Sites

2007 was a banner year for polymer clay artists unveiling new web sites. Familiar names like Hyde, McCaw, Stokes, and Bolgar threw their hats in the digital ring while others like Haunani and Dustin became bloggers. Of course there were thousands of newbies (more on them soon) who joined the chorus as well…a fabulous trend from my point of view.

Have you looked at the posts on the new Polymer Art Archive? Historical information (like these pictures of early Pier Voulkas beads) is certainly something we have needed to document and explain to artists new to the craft.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    I’ve really been enjoying the Polymer Art Archive. Most of the time I’m humbled and in awe of the masters who have laid the ground work for us “nubies”. It’s amazing how completely recharged I can get by looking at the work of the founders of polymer clay.

    But I have a burning question for Elise et al… When are you coming out with the book? 😉

    • reply Lori G ,

      Dang! I wish there was an RSS feed. I forget to go back and miss so much! Thanks for the resource!

      • reply Jan Manning ,

        I receive “Polymer Clay Daily” in two different posts each day. If I unsubscribe from one will I still receive the other? Thanks, Jan

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