Tinapple’s clean slate

Integrating my polymer clay skills with my Photoshop expertise was on my 2009 list of resolutions and I’m happy to have made progress toward this goal with this vase which is my entry for the Synergy exhibit.

This 10.5″ x 8″ cherry vase was turned by my husband. I added polymer clay transfers of old photos of the women in my family. Maureen Carlson’s story necklace got me thinking about telling stories with my art.

The turning point in my experimentations was discovering Valerie Aharoni’s baking parchment paper technique for transfers. I used sepia here to make the photos a uniform tone but colors transfer well too. I fired the polymer with a paint stripper gun.

I promised to put more of my own work on the blog in 2009, didn’t I? The sound you hear is my scratching two goals off my list. I’m ending this decade with a clean slate. Read more in this interview I did with Eni Oken (ClayLessons).

  • reply Kim Melton ,

    This vase is so beautiful! It is such a perfect example of combining your Photoshop and polymer skills! And what a wonderful family heirloom! Thanks for sharing some of your work – it is very inspiring!

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      Wow, Cynthia, that is a fabulous vase! I normally don’t get too excited about transfers because many things done with them are mor4e kitsch than art, but this is excellent! Be proud!

      • reply Alisa R. ,

        What a beautiful marriage! I mean– of techniques, materials and designs (making a gorgeous objet d’art)– and two artists sharing a life and their art. I’m jealous!

        • reply Loretta ,

          I love it too. The sepia is a wonderful choice for the wood. I would just love to hold it in my hands. One thing tho…I think we have some of the same relatives!?

          • reply Scott ,

            Very impressive Cynthia!
            How big/tall is the vase? I believe I have the perfect place to display it, here on my mantle.

            Kudos to you both on a job well done!

            • reply Marjon ,

              Wow Cynthia, this really looks great! I really love it! this techniek looks great!

              bye Marjon

              • reply Libby Mills ,

                Spectacular. It’s a beautiful embodiment of the Synergy theme. I love the way many of the exhibit pieces use polymer clay in a way that is completely integrated into the piece, and yet doesn’t scream “this is polymer clay”. The medium has become another useful tool in the artist’s arsenal.

                • reply Martha Aleo ,

                  Absolutely beautiful! This is a meaningful family heirloom.

                  • reply Melanie West ,

                    Oh Cynthia! Those are amazing!! Brilliant work… I can’t wait to see them in person. Only six or seven weeks away.

                    I was also delighted to hear the source of your inspiration – because Maureen’s necklace (and you post about it) was what inspire my Synergy Submission too! (Heh… Two great mind, eh? 😉 )

                    • reply Lynda Moseley ,

                      Beautiful, exquite transfers, Cynthia. Your husband’s artistry in creating the vase is as well. Gorgeous!

                      • reply VAharoni ,

                        Sheesh, I wondered what had happened.
                        The parchment paper has been flying out of my Etsy shop! And no wonder.
                        Cynthia, you have used it brillantly!!

                        • reply Lisa Martin ,

                          Oh My Gosh! This is awesome! Gorgeous! I love the pics and the wood vase, love it together. So exciting! Thank you.

                          • reply Sydney ,

                            Wow, I am new to polymer clay and I see I have a looong way to go. You are an inspiration! Great vase! Wow!

                            • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

                              What a brilliant idea , and so well executed. I love the concept of including personal history in artwork. It makes the pieces so special. I’m looking forward to seeing more inlaid woodwork. Your hubby’s workmanship is fantastic too.

                              • reply Christine Harris ,

                                beautiful! the wood and the polymer looks great together!

                                • reply Jeannie ,

                                  Beautiful combo. I hope you win.

                                  • reply Genevieve ,

                                    I am so glad that you are sharing your work! The vases are absolutely wonderful – from concept to design!

                                    • reply Liz Hall ,

                                      These are just wonderful. I have found I am so drawn to the combination of wood and polymer. Pieces you have featured, like the wooden bowl with polymer trim amazing and your vessels are no exception, I just love the combination.

                                      My husband use to do wood working amazing stuff, but now he does figurative bronze and ceramic sculptures. I keep showing him the wood combo pieces and saying “come on honey don’t you want to make something like that?!” I’m trying to draw him into the wonderful world of polymer! I can’t wait to show him these.

                                      • reply Sherrie Brittig ,

                                        This is beautiful! My woodworking husband wants to know what happens when the wood shifts (as in the bowl with the polymer inlaid rim, which he thinks is most awesome); do you just leave a bit of room for expansion and contraction?

                                        • reply Queenofclay ,

                                          That is wonderful Cynthia !
                                          Could you tell me were I could find more information about transfer on polymer ?

                                          • reply Lisa Gatz ,

                                            Cynthia, those bowls are gorgeous! My husband turns wood also and I know for me, it’s such a joy to have a joint project. I have yet to try polymer transfers but yours go so perfectly with the bowls.

                                            • reply Sandra D. ,

                                              Amazing work Cynthia.

                                              • reply Aims ,

                                                Beautiful vase indeed! Unfortunately Valerie’s link doesn’t work… :0(

                                                • reply Sandra ,

                                                  Transfer is great to polymer clay. Thanks Cynthia.

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