More treasure chests

Margaret Polkawich pendant
Beth Schwartz bangle
Leslie Blackford's Feed Me necklace
Rachel Carren's brooch
Sofia Lenz' lantern bead pendant
Heather Campbell bangle

A few more treasure snapshots of Synergy goers’ finery to keep you happy while I process what I’ve learned. Click on each image to identify the artist.

  • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

    Thanks Cynthia. I am excited to see new works from the artists whom i admired. Thank you, thank you. The “Feed Me” necklace is really crack me up. Wish I was there.

    • reply Lisa Pavelka ,

      Thanks Cynthia for your inclusion of my work on this prestigious list. There is so much amazing work at the Synergy II Conference. I’m so thrilled that you’re here to report on the event. I don’t know how you do it, but the polymer clay and creative community in general owe you ! a tremendous debt of gratitude for constantly inspiring and updating us all! On top of it, the site is so well though out, clean, and attractive. I love the ease with which anyone can navigate the site. Keep up the great work! It was wonderful to finally meet you in person.

      • reply Liz Hall ,

        I had the pleasure of getting to go to the conference and ACC show on Wednesday. What a treat, so much incredible work! I also got to meet a few people who I have admired. Wish I had more time there where so many things to see and lots of folks I didn’t get to meet, who I so wanted to. Next year I am going to try and actually do the whole conference. For anyone who has contemplated going, let me say it is totally worth it and do plan for more then just a day!

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          Thanks so much for letting us see the beautiful and FUN work and making us feel like we are THERE,…….. if just a little.

          • reply Meisha Barbee ,

            I so wanted to attend Synergy this year. Cynthia, the work you’ve shown since you’ve been at Synergy is absolutely beautiful. I’m so sad I couldn’t make it this year. I found the first Synergy conference to be such an amazing and rewarding experience. I especially loved meeting the various artist and having the opportunity to purchase their work. To all my fellow polymer clay artist… Outstanding work!!! The Artistic vision and craftsmanship are STUNNING.

            Thank you Cynthia, for letting me share the experience.

            • reply Cheryl ,

              WOW! These pictures are great. Thanks Cynthia for keeping us all informed of the newest and greatest items and Artist in Polymer Clay! Your hard work is very much appreciated. Thank you, for being our eyes and ears.

              • reply Sera ,

                Polymer Clay without PCD is like … the ocean without fish! What would we do without you?

                • reply Heather Campbell ,

                  Thank you Cynthia for including me in this beautiful collection of Synergy’s finest. There were so many gorgeous “treasure chests” to see everywhere you looked. The diversity of style, composition, and content were so inspiring and engaging on a level that encourages us all to stretch and grow. Bravo! to you Cynthia for keeping us all connected through your dedication and commitment to this wonderful site. It was lovely to finally meet you in person!

                  • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

                    Thank you so much for keeping us updated, Cynthia. this way we can catch a glimpse from downunder into the big world of polymer clay. It is a real treat. I don’t know, where I would be without your blog.

                    • reply Sandra D. ,

                      Thank you Cynthia for all the report you provide for all your readers.

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