Sophia Lenz’ polymer creature, found in the Synergy2 sales gallery with a bunch of his pals, is in the same robot mode that I’m in tonight.

It’s late and this hotel has terrific pillows that are calling me softly. I have plenty of pictures and lots of news but I’ve run out of steam and brain cells. Please check back later when I’ve recharged properly.

(Sophia popularized the lantern bead technique which she shared in a recent issue of Polymer Cafe.)

  • reply doreen kassel ,

    I love these

    • reply Jeannie ,

      Mr. Reboto. Remember that song? Who sang that. This are cool.

      • reply Janie ,

        Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful work and presentations that come out of Synergy. I so wish I could be there! And I am so glad we have you to share with us all that’s going on there.

        • reply Lisa Pavelka ,

          Way to go Sophia! I’m so thrilled to see you get such well deserved recognition! You are a truly innovative and imaginative artist. It’s such a joy to know you as a friend. Thanks for representing our guild so wonderfully as well.

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